How much buisness do you get from your web site?

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    Some of them is marketing the rest is SEO.
    I have designed sites for people who just wanted a website. No SEO optimization. They probably never heard of meta tags and keywords. Eventually they email me saying something is wrong they have no traffic. I ask what have you done to market the site? Craigslist, Adwords, Google Groups, Blogger?

    The average person thinks you put the site up and wallah your good to go. Not likely, chances are you will be the last page on search results.

    I started the website and advertising a month or so before I opened my business. Knowing that it takes a few weeks to be indexed.

    Now I have the opposite problem. I have to hit the streets and knock on doors. Of course the flier points to the website.
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    I highly doubt this is true.
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    Put your website on your trailer and T-shirts too. Anywhere you put it, people will see it. When people see you have a website, they get the impression that you are up with the times and that impression bleeds over into their first impression of your business as well. Plus, it gives them an opportunity to look at your business on THEIR time without the hassle of a phone call. A website is like having a salesman out on the street if done right. Don't worry as much about SEO as you would for, say, a retail business. Worry about getting that website address in front of as many people as you can, every single day.

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