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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by allen.arthur, Apr 1, 2009.

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    your website generating for you lawn maintenance guys? Are you guys just in the search engines w/o the help of pay per click or vise versa? I have built websites and have done seo work for multiple charter guides and was thinking about creating a website for my lawn company or advertising locally. Just want to know if it is worth the work.


    Allen Arthur
  2. Team-Green L&L

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    Our landscaping website has monthly traffic of 300-350 unique visitors with 65% of them coming from targeted keywords in Google. It produces 3-4 solid leads a week and has a conversion ratio of 65%. So, we sell 2 jobs a week off the site with ONLY organic advertising (non-paid) via SEO. Our average sale value is $1800 and our profit margin is 38% from those sales or an average of $684 per sale ($1400 a week in profits). If we implemented PPC campaigns, we would probably lose money in the end, but still gain traffic, business, and sales. Just not enough for the pricing.
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    I just had my website finished and would like to get as one of the ones that hits when search engines are engaged, can you tell me how to do this please.
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    Huh? I am not following you...
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    I have a few websites. My irrigation website was launched last October. It probably took until December/January to start popping up in Search results for key words. In February we were getting 1-2 leads a week for new systems. Those leads ended up being tire kickers equivalent to leads from the Yellow Pages, but to be fair everyone is kicking the tires so far this year. Now as our season nears we are starting to get solid service leads. I am anxious to see what the website will bring once the season is in full gear. I made my website w/ tons of useful content (or at least I think so) and as a result I get a lot of people viewing my troubleshooting guide from the US/CAN & AU. Which is kinda cool if its helping people. To date I have spent maybe 3k or so on everything associated with it and I would say that the ROI will exceed that of our print advertising campaign since once the site is how I want it it will be minimal $$ to keep it current. I guess some people will just do a website and stop there. I look at it as a never ending project that needs weekly attention.
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    This is a great way to look at it. Most contractors do not understand that a website is a virtual storefront and you wouldn't want your customers walking into a store with the exact same products everyday. Could you imagine a Dollar Store for services? It wouldn't work, the products aren't disposable and don't need replenished. So, it is a webmasters job to change the look of the store regular to keep it current and exciting, change the displays, and especially change the information provided. If you don't then your site becomes another abandoned building littering our community. You can walk in, but for what...

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