How much can a Ranger pull?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Tinkerer, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. Tinkerer

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    I have an 09 Ranger 2wd with 143hp Mazda 2.3 4 cylinder, 5 speed manual and 3.73 rear axle ratio. I have a factory class 3 frame hitch on it. I am wondering how much I can tow with it? I'm hoping I can pull my Toro 117 Groundsmaster with 52" deck and Toro 520xi with 60" deck on a trailer. I am thinking of building a trailer mostly from steel I have sitting around. I am parting out a 93 F150 2wd and am planning on using the front spindles/hubs and build an axle from it. I was also planning on using the rear springs from the truck. I am considering using hydraulic surge brakes on it.
  2. knox gsl

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    Trailer axles are cheap.
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  3. Hawkshot99

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    Your tow rating should be listed on your door jamb, or in the manuel. I am guessing that you will be over the limit with that load.
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  4. tebletlawns

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    Pulling is one thing, stopping is a whole different conversation. The manual transmission will help but be careful, and be ready to replace the clutch at any time.
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  5. 1Sharkey

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    I have a V6 Ranger and used to tow a 3500 pound boat. It was all it wanted, and as stated stopping was a problem, even with surge brakes.

    Will it do it, Yes. Not very safely and not for very long.
  6. LandFakers

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    I think it would struggle
  7. Keith

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    I have an 08 with the same setup. 2.3 manual. I think the tow rating might be right at 2000 lbs. When my F350, trailer and one of the ztrs got stolen three years ago, I purchased a 6x10 trailer so my Ranger would pull it while I waited for any news on the stolen stuff or the insurance to pay. With a 60" Super Z on there, that's about all I would want to pull with it. Trailer might be 750 lbs and the mower just over 1200. It's rough on the truck. Fuel mileage sucks and braking is downright scary if someone stops suddenly in front of you.

    For an emergency. Yeah, it works. For regular service, trailer brakes are a must. And don't expect a long life out of the clutch, brakes and the truck in general. They're nice little trucks, but not for this kind of work.
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  8. Richard Martin

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    If your truck has a 6 ft bed the limit is 1600 pounds max. With a 7 ft. bed it goes to about 2500 pounds max. If you start building trailers with F150 parts, the trailer alone will exceed the limit. If you're anywhere near the limit with either 6 or 7 ft. bed, plan on replacing the clutch a lot.
  9. newguy123

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    It will probably tow it just fine, the question is how quick can the Ranger brake? I've towed a 6x12 with a 36" Walk behind and a 54" ztr, no problem towing but braking was something you definitely want to plan ahead. All that weight behind a smaller sized truck makes those rotors and pads work much harder than it was probably designed for.
  10. cgaengineer

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    A 4cyl Yota is rated at 5500...wouldn't try to tow that much but that's it's rating.

    I disagree with a manual tranny helping...usually 1st gear on these trucks is geared high...he will end up slipping his clutch to get it going. Not saying an auto is better in all cases, but for an underpowered truck it will allow him to not worry about slipping clutch...that being said, I doubt you get 30k miles out of a ford ranger tranny without something breaking....hate to say it, the transmissions in small fords are not built well.
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