How much can a solo make!

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by cgrant711, Jan 18, 2014.

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    Ditto on this. I can usually squeeze 42-44 service visits out of most of my higher end clients around the area.
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    75k and you need to cut lawns on the side for extra money, but couldn't afford a decent mower or a truck. If that guy can't manage his personal finances enough to live off 75k he has no shot of running a business that isn't bankrupt within 6 months.
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    I'm going to have an answer for you in 12 months on what the ceiling really is.
    My partner and I are dropping the employee model so yes there will be 2 guys so not a true solo but cut the sale number in half at the end of the year and were playing the same game.

    We will run close to a true solo model though each man taking his own rig to mower his lawn list. We plan on 70 cuts on my list and 90 on his. We will do that in 4 days Mon-Thursday. Leaving us Friday and Saturday for over flow or his 60 fert accounts or my pruning and what mulch jobs or seeding work we have. We will work as a team for clean ups me driving the leaf box and him driving the trailer so it gives us the abilities of big companies with out the over head.

    Now the first objections to this will be what do you mean 160 accounts do you know how long that will take thats not realistic. Well actually it is I have 200 we were doing that with 2 two man crews in 3 days I'm just going to trim the low margin and long distance ones. We expect 1250 a day in income for the mowing days and 1-2k more for the weeks we get to do other stuff. Again I have the accounts so I'm not guessing on the numbers nor am I guessing on the time to cut them. We have 2 brand new Lazer xs models a 60 and a 72 plus 4 other mowers. Our fleet has 2 ram 4500s so we can tackle just about anything. We expect to hit 200k perhaps 210k next year with no employees now cut that in half and you get 100-105k thats what I expect my ceiling to be and thats because we don't do plowing nor do we wish to add it.
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    That will be impressive if you can pull it off.
    Why not consider you both working together?
    One truck burning fuel and I bet together you can get more done then separate.
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    My example had 4 days or 5 days max. Any only working 28 weeks. That leaves 24 weeks to recover from the burn out.

    Many people post how they work 12 hr days 6 days a week during the growing season. I hope that you point it out to them every time that they post here that they should not do that.

    Many people work Monday to Friday 40 hours a week with an extra 10 hours OT.
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    I think they maybe more efficient because there will only be one guy in each truck making drive time more efficient.
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    I was thinking the same way, one guy on one side of town and the other on the other side of town, drive time cut wayy down, as long as you don't have large lawns it can work, one guy doing that many lawns is still a lot of work though, seems like a recipe for burnout by July.
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    Thats a recipe to get burnt out
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    One feller in town I know is 60 years old and making 85k per year solo. Im not quit that ambitious, plus I have other stuff going on.

    A hard working solo operator after expenses can make a little more than a "plummer, carpender, mechanic etc. that works for someone.
  10. A. W. Landscapers  Inc.

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    In some places it takes a lot more than $75,000 a year to live comfortably while raising a family and saving for retirement.

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