How much can a solo make!

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by cgrant711, Jan 18, 2014.

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    solos will always have a higher net yield per $ of gross than another company wit employees.
    Solo's don't have to worry about ROI nearly as much as companies with employees.
    Solo's are either making money or not, there are no surprisesÂ…

    It's kind of like living alone, that hair in the shower drain is all yours buddy!
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    Get away from mowing..

    With a mini skid loader and a helper you could do 200k a year..
    Doing installs, hardscapes
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    That's what I'm talking about, forget you doing the work though. Hire 2 guys and you drive the mini skid, to me that's not work. Hardscapes are where I have trouble though. I'm not that skilled yet. Ive done a few walkways and 1 patio at my house and 1 at a customers but i have no training whatsoever, maybe that's why it's so difficult. Is there anywhere I can go to take classes?
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    Well here we are in June so I will update my post. We dropped about 30 accounts and have added more than we intended as we get requests all the time. We had 170 accounts last week but lost one to a house selling another to a day Nazi he couldn't accept his day of the week and the 3rd was on the cut list but we decided to give him another chance but he was just as big a jerk as we remembered. So as of right now I have 167 accounts plus 60 fertilizer accounts and zero employees. May was as expected a nightmare, rain kept hitting us every week and we had a string of break downs. But you don't do this trade as long as me with out spare equipment. I have spare vac systems for the mowers collection systems I have a spare 60 inch lazer with a collection system I have spare trailers I have spare everything in the 2 cycle dept and of course we have duplicates on the smaller mowers. The trucks are rock solid but I would like a new diesel pick up that can tow just encase.

    So while break downs hurt they are far from fatal with us. We have struggled to get our list down to the 4 day list we know it can be but it was MAY. Now were in June the lawns are slowing enough to be noticeable. I personally mowed 22 lawns yesterday for a total of $695 dollars. My partner did 20 lawns yesterday for a respectable $575 dollars. He thinks he broke $700 today but was not in the mood to add it up tonight. But not only will the numbers continue to improve this month and going forth this summer but the times become less and less. Atm I am still double cutting nearly everything, I can assure you there is room for improvement still And even $800 dollar solo days mowing seems likely. We have atm $5000 a week plus in just mowing and there is no burn out bs going on its what we have been trained for and it's as natural for us as breathing. In fact this has been a dream since I like working alone so does he so I come home refreshed with more energy than I went to work with because I didn't spend my day baby sitting an idiot I got to spend the day lost in my thoughts in truth I honestly don't even feel I work.

    The ferts been tricky but If I help on that doing the posting signs the invoices and just blowing off for one day we can do 40 jobs that day and bring in close to $2500 so while there is little time to do our other jobs we can do an entire fertilizer round in just 2 days if needed.

    Any way I predicted we would bring in 200-210 k last Jan and were on tract to hit that. We did get screwed this April we only started mowing the last 2 days of the month, where just 2 years before we mowed for 4 weeks in the month so obviously you feel the lost of income from that. But even still we should see 130-140k off just mowing this year. The real sweet part is I seldom even do estimates this year as there is no need I am that booked. Its why I love maintenance over hardscaping I don't want to hunt for my diner id rather know what I will likely make 8-10 months out over having to do estimates all the time to replace the job I am about to lose because its nearly finished.
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    Thanks for the update Kelly's. It's good to see what a well equipped experienced solo operator can do. I know it must have taken years to build a route that can be that profitable as well as figure out exactly what equipment would be the most productive for the route. Sounds like things are turning out like you hoped.
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