how much can a tri-axle dump hold?

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    Most hauling companys in my area charge 100 hr or more weather its a small s/a or tri axle. My point was that it may take a guy all day in a small truck to haul that much that being said 800 for an 8 hr day and you have undamaged blacktop is money well spent . Not saying a tri axle would damage it but I belive it was a concern .
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    I had a local guy haul 40 ton of stone for me he did it in 2 trips for 250. In my 450 I would have taken 10-11 trips 20 minutes each way plus time siting in the yard. I'd rather have somebody haul for me. Now if all I need is 8 ton or less then I haul it. But there your talking 25 tons your talking 7 loads if you run a 4 ton load in a 450/550 depending on distance from job I don't see how it would be cheaper and put more money in the bank. Also that is less wear and tear on my equipment. Which equates to less money
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    I'll be talking with the business owner today, it is a woman, and I'll let her know about possible concerns relating to the blacktop. As I said, I have let her know that it can't be done in one load. The business is a very successful hair/spa/massage place. So she is wanting to replace yearly mulching with permanent rock.

    The thing about it is, I'm looking at buying the rock straight from the source, which is about 50 miles away, 80% interstate travel, but I'm guessing that's going to be at least 2 hours per trip on a dump? Right? Not counting if there's a line waiting to get loaded... So paying hourly for hauling could get pretty pricy. The quarry offers a price break at 20 tons... anything below is $45/ton... anything above is $35/ton. Also anyone local that sells the rock, sells it for $48/skidsteer scoop, about 1/2 ton. So to me it's worth it getting it straight from the source, right?

    Another thing too, above the sign is a steeper grade with a 4 lane US highway. She gets LOTS of runoff every time there is a good rain and it washes all the mulch away. I can't count the time we've spent there blowing and sweeping mulch back in place.
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