How much $ can I save them?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by dutchacres, Sep 27, 2012.

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    I have done a few irrigation installs and have done some maintenance but I am by no means a expert. What i do know is enough to get me into trouble but you have to start learning somewhere, right? Well I am going to be expanding into another town next year hopefully and most of the lawns there are irrigated. What I have noticed is they water everyday even when it rains. All these places are on city water so they have to be spending a bundle on water. I was going to sell them on being able to save them so much money per month if they would go with us. I figured I would install the Hunter(I am drawing a blank on the name of it right now) option of measuring rain, water and all that to control there water as well as cut it back to maybe three days a week instead of 7. What I am wondering is how much money could I save them by doing this. I know it is going to depend on the size of the lawn, what they are running as far as heads and all that. I am just looking for a general ballpark.
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    Do not give them a $ amount they will save. They will try to hold you to it. First thing to do, is educate the customer. Educate on water conservation, and why. Doesn't matter if you are pulling from the Pacific ocean for a water source, explain that water is becoming more scarce and more expensive everywhere around the world.

    Now if they are watering 7 days a week, and you cut it to 3 days a week, as a fraction, you will be watering 3/7. Or watering 42.9%, saving them 57.1%. Now that may not be accurate, because depending on how long (duration) they water daily, it may not be enough if you water 3 days a week. So each zone may need to be increased a little. I would tell them 30%-40%, and let them be elated if it is closer to 50%.
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    As Dana said educate the customer and it wouldn't hurt you to work on furthering your own during the winter.

    Take any class or training that you can.
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