How much can one man profit?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by lawn guy 300, Sep 28, 2010.

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    You will be able to do what ever you put your mind on! Everyone has their opinion but they are not you. I do 12-13 properties per day, have done it for years solo. I dont care to share the money with anyone. Yes, some days really suck and some arent so bad but the money is all mine! I have a 48" wb a 27" tru cut and a 22' push mower and some yards take 15-20 minutes and others take 1.5 hours and the avg route covers 23 miles. I avg $300 per day!
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    So WB's are bad for hilly or bumpy lawns? I was told they are better than a Z. I agree with you on marketing. Direct mail, phone book, craig's list, door hangers. Open to any suggestions.
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  3. lawn guy 300

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    That's encouraging. Thanks!
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    25 a lawn?
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    Ok, so you bust your butt and make $300/day. Lets look at it this way. 2 man crew does 20 lawns/day. Avg lawn is $35. This 2 man crew is grossing $700 per day times 5 is $3500. Take away payroll...$15 per mhr(probably a bit high). That would be 80 mhrs per week. That takes $1200 out and we're now at $2300. Lets take out $1000 for the various expenses of running the crew(way high). You now are left with $1300. I don't mind paying out $2200 per week to bring home(before taxes) $1200 and I don't have to do any mowing. I can focus on other parts of my business and make money there too.

  6. lawn guy 300

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    You've got the right idea. That's where I want to be in a few years. Maybe that's overly ambitious. I imagine you plan to replicate that structure. My rough draft of what iwant to do in business is almost exactly what you described.
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    If you have a goal of 50 accounts that average $40, you're going to need a ZTR. I don't care if it's 50 accounts that average 15 min per job, walking is going to get real old real fast. And what are you going to do when it comes leaf season? You plan on emptying a side bagger all day long. Do yourself a favor. If you're serious about it start looking this fall for a nice used ZTR, maybe a 52" Lazer with a couple hundred hours on it w/ a bagger. You'll have enough walking in with trimming let alone walking each damn lawn.

    Oh, and don't shoot for a $300/day average. At the end of an average season that's $40k gross. Take your expenses away and you may as well work at WalMart.
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    Seasonal work in michigan and you'd ***** about 40k gross on a solo low overhead lawn business. :clapping:
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    You make a good point and I agree some of those costs are probably way high. The only issue is that you're assuming he can secure 20+ lawns a day and finance the equipment needed to run a crew that size right away. Being brand new to the business he might need a few years to build up to this.

    In that case, 50 yards a week IS entirely doable for the size of lawns you are doing. Get your routes as tight as possible each day and you'll probably be done by early afternoon.

    And I do think that a nice 48" hydro WB is the right choice for that size lawn. They are versatile, cut great, and are generally very reliable. I'd consider adding a 36" wb to your set up though as a lot of those smaller residential yards have small gates as well and a 36" will save a ton of time over a 21".
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    Yep OP you will have to build it up.
    You may only have 10 lawns the first season.
    Also, you have to determine what is best for you. If you are a family man, you don't want to be out mowing 7A-7P every weekday. Despite what other guys are saying here, you can make money at this no matter what size you are at. I am doing it.

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