How much damage did I do?

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    The drive belt broke on my 20hp Kohler. It wrapped itself above the clutch and under the deck. It ripped the wireharness off the clutch but it still has wires about 3 inches long. I instanly turned the blades off and machine. I took my time and got the belts fragments removed. I loaded it onto the trailor. Well this morning there was a puddle of oil which appeared to have come from above the clutch where the belt was wrapped around. What did I do and what should I be looking at in cost?
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    it might have damaged the crank seal. not to bad to replace.
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    There is unfortunately no telling until you determine which engine is leaking,
    I would be for checking the oil level via the dipstick and I mean every engine,
    every day, until you nail the one that's doing it, then we go from there.

    Granted you can skip those engines that aren't being run but appearances do us little good,
    you don't necessarily want to run it without knowing whether it's leaking or how bad but
    you do have to find out if it's really that engine first, otherwise we could be chasing wild
    geese and I mean labor hours are at a premium.

    A close visual inspection might also reveal further details.
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    Cat thanks for the response I was thinking thats what it most likely was. I know about the seal there because my guys have bent crankshafts on other machines. Is there much labor involved accessing the seal and putting it on?

    Topsites thanks for taking 2-3 paragraphs to reinforce to me you are a real clown at the minimum.
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    Sorry Tops........
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    Pull the clutch and hydro pulley to inspect. Like fastcat says, the seal most likely been damaged. Most likely, when the belt broke and wrapped itself around and under the clutch, some of the belt cords may have wrapped around the crankshaft while the engine was still running and wiped out the seal lips. The seal can usually be removed with a pick--use caution to avoid any crankshaft damage that would cause a failure of a newly installed seal.

    If the clutch still has two wire wires exposed, check with test leads from a 12V battery to determine if it will engage.
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    The thing is I have wasted enough time dealing with things that have the appearance of things to be like,
    you think it looks like it could be leaking so you're going to tear into that mower without absolute certainty,
    jumping the gun and getting yourself into a mess that when things don't go exactly as planned...

    I can appreciate that you think it is what it looks like but I keep telling you it doesn't do us any good until you find out for sure
    because for all we know maybe you left a container of used oil sitting on your trailer but three days later you don't remember so
    that puddle of oil could have come from anything, now you think it looks like it could be coming out from under that engine, I am
    telling you that doesn't do me any good because once you tear off that clutch I am not responsible for what happens to your
    machine because I am older than you and you don't have to listen but at my age I know what works and what doesn't, so you can
    either follow my advice and do as you are told, or figure it out on your own.

    Which is what you're fixing to do, so good luck.

    Oh, and you're on ignore.
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    OK, who are you and what have you done with Topsites?
    Either your are off your meds or the account have been hacked.
    You have turned from a Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde. What is going on with you.

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    thanks Dutch. I was unsure if you could access the seal from above the clutch. It shouldn't be as labor intensive as I feared. Like u stated the cords/strings were super hot and wrapped around above the clutch.

    Topsites why even post just to belittle me. I am in the business for over 20 years and this was a first for me. I have gone through dozens of belts and never had that happen before. I'm sorry if you think its a dumb to ask for advice here. Maybe you should just not respond at all. Most likely you have lots of time because you have very little business. You lurk on here always. Go to work!

    BJWLAWNCARE LawnSite Senior Member
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    3 hours shop labor. The clutch was saved. Put 2 new belts on it cost 325 total. Thanks guys.

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