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How much did you spend on your FIRST truck??


LawnSite Senior Member
Hey there everyone,
I was just curious to see how much you guys spent on your first truck for your LCO?

I mean, the very first, not the first one you liked!

I am looking to get a truck to better handle the workload this year, and am out to the market. I know none of what you have will affect my decision, but I am curious to see where everyone started.
This could be fun, so....

If you have a picture, and some info on your first truck (car:eek: ) put it up here.

Thanks for the input guys!


LawnSite Bronze Member
Moline, IL
I don't know if my first truck can be considered my first "lawn" truck or not. Business wasn't really official at the time, but it hauled around a 6x12 trailer for a few months.

$3,500 for the old '89 Silverado C1500 4.3L auto

The first "official" lawn truck I guess is my current one.

$10,000 1995 Chevy K2500HD with dump/plow.

-- Old vs. New --



LawnSite Silver Member
S.I., NY
1st 86 ford e350 van............ $1200
2nd 86 chevy 30 Box truck....$1000 ( JUNK JUNK JUNK)
3rd 89 ford f 150 pick up........$500 ( awesome , miss it)
4th '86 f250 pick up........$2500 (useing it now)
5th '84 dodge 350 dump truck w/ plow ...$3000 (just bought, love it so far, can't wait for the season to start!!)

Are you pulling a trailer, or putting your equipment in your truck? That makes a difference. If your putting it inside your truck, a van is excellent. as a matter of fact, my first van above i sold to a family member 6 years ago, i'm debating buying it back from him soon.
I guess if you're alittle handy with the wrenches, you don't have to spen as much on a truck. I could never calculate the money I've saved turning wrenches myself.


LawnSite Platinum Member
Must have been a popular color that year, Mine even had the same rust trim. But they were built like a tank and weighed as much too.