How much dirt??

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by MOW ED, Apr 21, 2003.

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    I have a 300 sq ft area that measures aprox. 55 x 5 that must be raised up 2" as it sits. It has grass on it now.

    I am thinking of cutting the sod out and raising the grade. I think it will be aprox 4" low after sod is cut but I am not sure.

    The area is a strip that runs the length of a driveway and a walkway that has settled 2 inches.

    How much black dirt do I need to fill it and make it right. I plan to overseed it after I raise it.

    I am new at this and need a little help.

    I also have about 2500 sq ft to rip up and overseed at the same place. How much dirt will I need in addition to above. thanks.
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    If you're doing 300 sq ft w/ 6" soil (4 0ut, replaced and raised by 2), you get only 54 sq ft/yd at 6" depth - so approx 6 cu yds of soil. For 2500 sq ft, you'd need approx 8* that or approx 48 yds. Better higher a triaxle and machine for this job.

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