how much do i charge for applying fertilizer?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by mg10117, May 29, 2007.

  1. mg10117

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    New to the business and need some help. I cut a ladies lawn for $55.00, its .75 acres. She wants fertilizer down. I bought 3 bags of 24-5-11 % from lesco. That was $53.46 in fertilizer. How much would you charge to for the fertilizer and application of it? I could really use some help... She wants an estimate now...
  2. Matts lawn care

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    Do you have a license?
  3. J&R Landscaping

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    In most area's, you need a license to apply fertilizer. Be carefull, from what folks around here say the fines are quite steep if you get caught.
  4. LindblomRJ

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    Funny you should mention fines.

    Every quarter the Department of Ag sends out a newsletter to all the pesticide applicators. On the last page they have an enforcement section. Details fines and the situation.

    One the caught my eye: A LCO sprayed a lawn with winds in the 20 to 33 MPH range, causing drift onto the neighbors lawn. For this incident he paid $550.

    Another company was selling RUP without a dealer license. The fine was $2,700.
  5. Nathan Robinson

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    why would you use that analysis at this time. Wait and see how much sedge pops up! This should be good. 1 acre is $150.00. I will not stop for less than $36.00 though(4k). My price for 10 k is $51.00. See how the price goes down as the property gets larger. I would charge $117.00. Then never buy such expensive fertilizer again. There is nothing in there except fert and why do you think you need a pot and phos right now. I know. The commision! lol... pull a soil sample and address what needs to be done and relize that no soil is depleted in phos and potash. 1 in a million lawns have a potash def and thats it..
  6. Bill S

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    30K sq ft would be $75.00 per application with herb/pest. Since you bought at Lesco I am quite certain they will not sell you this, just straight fert.

    My advice, leave the fert biz to the pros that do it all day long. The ones that have the proper insurance and licenses.
  7. mg10117

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    Thanks for all the feedback!! In my area we dont need a license to apply fertilizer, just pesticides ext...Although, I am in the process of obtaining a license through the state. Until I pass my test, I'm just fertilizing... but a quick question about everyone's responses. Did they include the price of the material, or do is still have add that in??? Sorry a little confused. The following were your responses:

    4K = .09 acres.....$36.00

    10k = .23 acres.....$51.00

    30K = .69 acres.....$75.00

    32.7K = .75 acres.....$117.00

    43.5K = 1.0 acre......$150.00

    Do these include the cost of product?

    If not, which ones or do I have to add that in?

    Thanks again...
  8. angelosantojoe1

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    i charge $2.27 per 1k sq foot
  9. mg10117

    mg10117 LawnSite Member
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    Thanks angelosantojoe1, but 2.27 / 1K square ft seems kind of low. Does that include the cost of the product too? Also, do you use this same formula for all types of fertilizers, pesticides ext..
  10. Allens LawnCare

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    Good point....if you don't. Don't bother no matter how easy it is

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