how much do i charge for applying fertilizer?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by mg10117, May 29, 2007.

  1. Nathan Robinson

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    look at your 30k and then look at you 32.7 k. whoa! implement a plan...
  2. RonB

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    Everywhere is different but there is no way anyone around here would pay $120 for 3 bags of fert.

    Spreading 3 bags I would charge $30 plus fert cost - take all of about 15-20 minutes to spread. I usually buy 15-20 bags and just hold'em till someone ask for it, then spread on a cut visit.
  3. mg10117

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    Nathan, your right! drastic differences, right?...there not my prices. I dont have any yet. They were the prices that people provided in this specific thread. I just put them all side by side, to compare and show how different everyones prices are. didnt realise how much variation there is out there for applying things to lawns. I just want a fair price. not too high...not to low...but a plan that it easy and matches price w/ size evenly dispersed... ya know? like $10 or $15 to apply each bag, plus materials. or what ever a you guys think the best way is to fairly calculate it. Thanks again...
  4. All Season Bill

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    That's ok but start with a minimum and then add on the $2.27. In some states $30 is fair in other states it could be $35 or even $40. I know companies still charging $25. That's too low for me.

    You can make more money on the smaller lawns because of the minimum. I've made $200 out of one $18 bag of fert because the lawns were so small in this one neighborhood!
  5. cm82pa

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    This may sound stupid, but call a fert company(tru-green, chem lawn), I had to do this before. Don't feel bad about a lot of businesses do that, not just LCOs, I managed a Transmission shop for two years, if a car would come in (uncommon foriegn thing or very new) I would call the dealer before quoting the customer. Sometimes you would find you left money on the table with your quote. A lot of compaines use "feelers" where they cold call companies and ask general price questions just to have an idea what to charge. I love when other Lco's leave literature on my door, it like free "heres what we charge...if you get more than us then you talk better/work harder good for you, if your not raise your prices man!!!!"
  6. TMlawncare

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    The problem with pricing is the fact that he is just spreading fert. He is not doing a full fert plus weed control round on this lawn. He is not using any type of weed control so the customer will be unhappy with the results and blame the applicator. If you streak the fertilizer and the lawn looks like crap so will the applicator. Better off leaving this service to the pros.
  7. TMlawncare

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  8. All Season Bill

    All Season Bill LawnSite Member
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    You are absolutely right! If your not spraying weeds or if you don't know how to handle a spreader without striping...take some seminars or give it up...because your customers will.
  9. Nate@TLCS

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    stop a guy from your local tru-green and offer him $10 for his price list. Tru-green is the worst low-freekin ballinist company in the world, but their price list will be competitive in you area. I know residentially in my area $120.00 per acre with the minimum being $32.00 (2kft2)(fert and w/c). License is a good Idea reguardless of state restrictions, you can learn alot.

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