How much do they make?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Andersonlawnscape, Jun 19, 2005.

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    Today while I was mowing I was approached by an employee of another company, I believe it was an employee from brickman or possibly becker. He wanted to know if I was hiring I believe, could not quite understand him. I was always under the impression tho that most of those guys working for the bigger companies usually have to go back after the season. But I guess they all don't or for whatever reason this guy was interested in working for me. I told him no thanks and he wanted a card so I told him sure least I think thats what he wanted and he seemed happy when I gave it to him so thats that. But my question was how much do some of those Mexicans and yes they usually are Mexican or from south America make. I am not trying to be raciest or anything but it usually seems like they are mexican.
  2. nocutting

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    Hey man this could be your lucky day?.......1st , now hes been trained, and hes smart enough to know the "Bigger Company" isnt treatng him fairly. If its "Brickman" and hes just a crew member, hes just one of there work horses [ If you are a forman / crewleader, its still not much better?]....When you're looking for a good 2nd man, at least now you know where you can get a good man......."Brickman" has made sure hes legal, drug-free, and properly trained for production! [ they dont give anything away]....I'd get his # next time and try him on thec weekend, bet he turns out to be a great assistant..... :rolleyes:
  3. Runner

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    Good points...even for part time on the weekends or late afternoons. These guys are more than happy to work more hours. Need help on a Sunday? No prob.....
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    I just started working for a medium size property management company as the foremans right hand man. I'll tell you what the laborers are not happy haveing the new guy in charge. And I'll tell you what, I wonder what I got myself into. The guys higher up really look down on the laborers and the laborers know they're being walked on and they show it in their work.
  5. tinman

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    Had a guy call me last November (American guy) asking if I was hiring. said he worked for a Big LCO in my area & was making $8 per hour ,,,working 60 hours per week. I think I would just go to Wal mart b4 I would do that for that little pay. After taxes he's making just enough to starve to death on.
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    I go to SUNY Cobleskill and brickman and tru green both recrute from my school and i was neverd offerd over anything over 9.50/hr but yet i spend 25,000 a year on school i was like shove it.
  7. bobbygedd

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    not really, at that rate, he should be taking home about $500 a week. this is great money to some people
  8. harryhomeowner

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    I spoke with a Brickman guy this weekend. The H2b guys are getting paid $7.70/hr.
  9. turf hokie

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    h2b guys get prevailing wage for the particular area that they are working. NOT union prevailing wage--landscape prevailing wage. And they CANNOT work for any other company except for the one that brought them up. They will be sent back if they work for another company.

    But 7.70 an hour and time and a half over 40 also which is 11.55 per hour.

    Was the 9.50 an hour for your internship????? I only made 4.25 on my internship b/c they were considered unpaid at the time. Big company starting pays suck but they are good if you stick with them for a few years.
  10. dvmcmrhp52

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    So please tell us what skills you have as a young college student to make you worth so much more.

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