how much do you charge for aeration/seeding/fertilizing

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by stephen424, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. stephen424

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    say for a 1/4 or less property
  2. NatesLawnCareLLC

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    1/4 Property?
    I would recommend that you convince them to do the whole property or the whole front/back, not just a part of it. Especially for Aeration and Fertilization.

    The way I usually do it is I based on how much space I'm working on.

    The Front usually is %50 cost min.
    The back is usually %75 cost Min.

    So if a client only wants part of the done and I'm charging $40 then the front $20 if done only and if the back was done only it would be $30.

    But I wouldn't do a 1/4 property, unless it is a seeding project, in which case do it by the amount of square footage.
  3. stephen424

    stephen424 LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 730 bad, i should have been more clear.
    not a quarter of the property. but the whole property, being about 1/4 of an acre
  4. 2stroke

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    i think Nate smoked his lunch:laugh:
  5. kaferhaus

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    I mark up the materials 30% (we keep bulk materials in the warehouse... if you're having to chase down materials then I'd likely charge more) and then figure your time like you do on anything else.

    But keep in mind if you're competing against a large LCO (I assume this is an existing customer so likely not the case) he can sell the materials for less than what you're paying for them and still make money. the mark up on fert, lime and chemicals is very large.... if you have the space and cash, buying several pallets at a time saves you a considerable amount of money and can double or triple your margin on materials.

    The only thing I've found you can't get a really good break on buying in bulk is dyed/treated mulch. We still buy it by the semi load so we don't have to go chase it or worry about stock, but it's not a huge savings per yard..... labor wise (having to go get it) it is a large savings. Especailly on small jobs.... takes just as long to pick up 1yd as it does 50 in some cases...
  6. NatesLawnCareLLC

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    from Iowa
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    Wow after I read that post I can understand that comment. I need to proofread.

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