How much do you charge for Mulch Install?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by recycledsole, Dec 3, 2012.

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    i'm not sure how much a yard of mulch is. here they give you one scoop of mulch for $25 and it fills the back of a truck all the way up. i'm not sure how many yards that is.

    anyways i'm doing a mulch job next week and the owner is getting the mulch himself in his own old truck and he's leaving the keys in it so i can move it around. i can backup right where i need the mulch and shovel it out. i'm gonna be charging $50 per hr. he wants me to trim the shrubs and a few crepe myrtles too. i'm not doing any bed prep or edging. he basically just wants me to put new mulch over the top of what's left of the old mulch to make it look good for spring.
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    Jason Mulch is measured by the cubic yard, typically one bucket of mulch is one cubic yard if the mulch yard is using that size bucket, as a contractor we can get mulch for $13/yd
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    yes i know it's measured by the yard most places. i've just never looked at it that way. i just say one truck load or one bag. :laugh:

    we can get mulch free here from the city every spring. they give it away until they run out. i live less than a mile away from the place they give it away. i hardly do mulch jobs though. i don't really care to do them and i've only been asked to do them a few times. most times it's a small job and i use bags. this job i'm doing is probably the biggest i've done yet and he is providing the mulch himself.

    as far as my own yard i use pine straw which is free if you rake it up. :laugh:

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