How much do you mark-up for mulch?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by mister_snowplow, Apr 28, 2005.

  1. mister_snowplow

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    Just curious, how much do you all mark-up for mulch? Thanks! :waving:
  2. A+ Lawncare

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    i mark up @ 30%.... i can get my mulch @ $16 a yard so thats a $4.8 markup..... so that comes out to be $20.8 i round up to $22.50 just for the heck of it b/c i can (i know what my markup can be) and charge another $7.50 to deliever w/in 20miles or 15mins.... so thats a total of $30 a yrd, just to have it delievered & bought doesn't even include labor to spread mulch... thats another $25-35 charge....

    i price my total of install & materials @ $55-65 a yrd :waving:
  3. mister_snowplow

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    Thanks for the help A+ Lawncare.

    Hmm...maybe I'm not doing this right? I measured the beds of one of my clients properties and the total sq. ft. was 2,459. One of the local mulch distributors has a calculator on their website and it converts sq. ft. to cubic yards. 2,459 sq. ft. rounded up to 2,500 sq. ft. = 15.43 cubic yards @ 2" deep or (1cy @ 2" depth covers 162 square feet).

    If I used your pricing I would charge my client at $55-$65 a yard. At the minimum of $55 ($55 x 15.43 cy = $848.65!!). That seems REALLY high? I doubt my client would go for that? Am I doing the math correctly? :dizzy:

    Again, thanks for the help!
  4. A+ Lawncare

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    a yard of mulch is 3x3x3 or total of 27 sq. feet not real sure where your getting at w/the above math... too early in the am for me, rough nite :drinkup:

    but anyhow..... i drop my prices down to $45 a yard past 10yrds so since you said 15.43 yrds= 16yrd= $720 total

    $720/16 yrds= $45 a yrd including materials and labor..... lets say you were able to get a yrd for $16 thats $45-16= $29 (labor, delievery).... so you come out to be $29 a yrd on your half...... you make $464 in labor & delievery and have to pay $256 to the mulch company.....

    it'll take ya 7-8hrs to spread this mulch solo (2yrds an hr/1 man hr).... so thats $58 an hr..... maybe you can afford to come down a bit, i don't know your scenerio exactly, some LCO will charge $35 per man hr (1 man) so if that was 2 of ya thats $70 an hr, but it would only take about 4-5hrs total....

    if you could afford to come down on price you could price your labor @ $35 (1 man hr) an hr X 8hrs= $280 total.... 16yrds X $16= $256....

    $256+$280= $536 total (minium you could afford to bid the job)... but thats $33.5 an yrd (total, labor, delievery, material cost), and translates to scrub prices... you could only make $17.5 in labor & delievery...i hope and pray you don't fall under that category of this pricing
  5. Festuca

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    Hey, Lawncare Guy... You need to refigure your mark-up method. In order to get the proper mark-up figure; you need to divide your cost by the percent of mark-up subtracted from 100. For example:
    30% mark-up. To find the numer by which you divide then (100-30 = 70) Next; take $16.00 / .70 = $22.86

    You can check yourself to see if you did the calc correct by subtracting the mark-up percentage from your sum.... it should come back to your cost. If we subtract 30% from your $20.80... then we get $14.56. This is just a way of checking yourself.
  6. A+ Lawncare

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    were you a math teacher in your 1st life? i guess that ole math teacher of urself done found its way in cutting grass....

    thanxs for that lil math tip man :waving:

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