How much do you pay for a Lawn mowing route

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by PFDFIREFIGHTER, Oct 1, 2003.


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    Hi, I'm looking to buy a lawn mowing route from a friend of mine.He roughly makes $2500 per wk.In New York there is about 24-28 weeks of mowing.I was wondering how to figure out or what this route might be Worth? Thanks
  2. tiedeman

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    I wouldn't buy them at all. Who is to say that these customers will stay around?
  3. Willis

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    Whos to say thay'll leave?
    Welcome to the site man.
    Um, do a search, I think I'v seen a thred on this very subject ''buying a route''
  4. tiedeman

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    right you could say it both ways, they might leave and they might stay...but would you invest your money into customers that are a 50% chance of staying or leaving...I sure the heck wouldn't
  5. Lawn-Scapes

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    Is $2500 gross sales? They say 3 to 4 cuts.. $7500-$10,000 for accounts only.

    You could spend half that on advertising and probably have more work than you could handle.
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    THE question: Are there contracts involved? Worth more with them, but still worth considering even without. Ask if you can speak with some of the customers, see if they are happy. Make sure to have him sign a Do Not Compete if you do purchase.
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    Penfield's a nice $$ area isn't it? I use to manage the Sams Club over in Greece on Ridge Road. Buying accounts nowadays isn't as lucrative as it was say about 5-7 years ago, but in certain instances, it still is a win situation. We've bought accounts before (without contracts). Paid $9000 for about 45 customers about 8 years ago. Can't exactly remember the monthly gross though, maybe around $6000. Back then, you would usually pay for about 6 weeks of the routes worth. All the customers stayed. It's how you go about the transition that makes all the difference. Don't forget you get all the maintenance work like pruning, clean-ups, etc.. which sweeten the deal as well. It worked out great for us for one reason. Location! This route was in a very, very high end seacoast town which was hard to get into at the time. These locals like to deal with other locals and aren't willing to take a chance with some new guy. So a good "in" realy help us secure this region which after 10 years now, we are the main LCO in this area. So yes it was worth it! If you need any more info or particulars, email me at I have a friend on the Rochester FD named Stuart Kenyon. Don't know if you know him or not. Miss Nick Tahoe's garbage plate too!

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    Maybe so, but even with an advertising blitz, it could take quite a while to get up to 2500 per week in gross. This way, he is there immediately and can keep it going if he does a good job.

    I would probably take a chance on buying accounts, especially if you can structure it so you are paying for them out of the earnings from the accounts.

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