How much do you pay your employees?


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How many of you work 32 - 40 hours a week
Put in minimal preparation and effort
Eat out every day
Accept no responsibility
And expect everything to be provided for just showing up;
And can make a "living" behaving like that?

Well if you can't do it
Chances are workers can't either

Workers aren't possessions
They are people

Being a business owner/entrepreneur
You are in the business of asset development
Employees need development

They need to be taught more than how to mix fuel and start a weed whacker
So instead of paying 12/hr and treating them like babies
Pay them $15/hr and expect them to come to work with a pen , a pocket knife, a multi tool, a pair of felco pruners , gloves , eye protection and ear protection and bring their lunch and drinks

These should be inspectible items

Come to work
Ready to work
Do you have these items?


Come back when you do

They can have these things and get paid for

preparation and responsibility

Or they can work for less for everyone else
Those who come with the right things are coming to work ready to work
They show they are the employees you want and are worth the extra pay and the time to develop them
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Good post, will have to take that to heart.
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Pay what you want , or pay what gets you good help. I guess after 17 years in the business ( I think I have been in this forum as long?) one thing I do know it's your business do what works for you in your area, what works for me might not work for you. It's always hard on this forum to know if I am talking to a Lco with 500k in year revenue or one with 5k in revenue... I guess that keeps it interesting 😀
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I don't think it's so much skill that can be taught,but you definitely have to reward dependability and respect for your business. A poor employee can ruin you as fast as unreliable equipment.
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You still get that 9 dollar level employee that thinks he will weasel his way in and skate. I make it a little more complicated. I have a little written test. I run a cheap background check,I check DL (amazing how don't have one and are looking for a job) I want a resume, I check references. Just asking to upload a resume to me eliminates a bunch. Sorry but we use computers here so you need to have some savvy. I'm paying well for this quality and I won't compromise.
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I like how you use your available sources to implement quality control during your hiring process. I like the process of elimination to find the best qualified employee.


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^” Wow. First response to this thread in almost 5 years. How are things with the labor pool working out for you all?
I’m solo, so just curios...

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take me I’m just a employee.. my requirements are by my employer: a class A cdl.. applicators license 3a3b be able to install or perform maintenance (other then mowing) and equipment operation.. How do you find that at 20 a hour Or some even saying under 20? And then no insurance and retirement? That’s what asked in a employee where I work 30k a year and no benefits doesn’t exactly get these guys lining up for a application.. at least here.. I do it only and absolutely only for the freedom in my schedule to take my special needs child to appointments etc..after paying my portion of the family insurance plan then taking out a little for retirement I’m at 24k.. it’s crazy to think some people here say 20 a hour is way to much.. ohh my kids deductible is 4K each year which we meet every year along with several thousands each year of procedures insurance won’t pay..but yea I’m overpaid... I get I’m employed by my choice and can better myself but as of the moment I choose my kids health and development..but yea I’m overpaid at 20 bucks a hour.. my bosses or starving and living in poverty
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