How much do you pay your employees?

Mark Stark

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Rochester, NY
take me I’m just a employee.. my requirements are by my employer: a class A cdl.. applicators license 3a3b be able to install or perform maintenance (other then mowing) and equipment operation.. How do you find that at 20 a hour Or some even saying under 20? And then no insurance and retirement? That’s what asked in a employee where I work 30k a year and no benefits doesn’t exactly get these guys lining up for a application.. at least here.. I do it only and absolutely only for the freedom in my schedule to take my special needs child to appointments etc..after paying my portion of the family insurance plan then taking out a little for retirement I’m at 24k.. it’s crazy to think some people here say 20 a hour is way to much.. ohh my kids deductible is 4K each year which we meet every year along with several thousands each year of procedures insurance won’t pay..but yea I’m overpaid... I get I’m employed by my choice and can better myself but as of the moment I choose my kids health and development..but yea I’m overpaid at 20 bucks a hour.. my bosses or starving and living in poverty
I think many of us are more so comparing wages of our "typical" mowing staff. You are obviously more credentialed than many. We have guys that we start at $15 and they don't even show up wearing shoes. It's all relative to what other companies in your area are paying.

Right now our guys are making between $15-$18 hourly. We pay more more than about 75% of the companies in our area and I think we treat our people better than most.


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Right in line with everyone else.. I refuse to hire a lead guy I’ll take his 21 an hour for myself. . I run the truck.. I work everyday. But trimmers.. 13/14 an hour to start.. if they are good I’ll cap them at 16..


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Memphis TN
I've looked into raises (other than season cola). But year over year my guys are producing less. Not a whole lot less and they probably don't know it but it is less.