How much do you spend on fuel annually?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Somerville Sensation, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. XC skier

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    The only way to consider fuel cost or any cost for that matter is as a percentage of sales. Everyone has different customers, geography, economics, gas prices, equipment etc. so actual dollar amounts that companies spend on fuel are relevant only to them. Perfect Earth, Danmow and the others that have mentioned this before me are right on. Our fuel cost ran 5% of sales in 2013 and have historically run 3.5% to 5%. This is what you need to know for budgeting and pricing.
  2. CRC_PP

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    I did about 11k this year. 9k for trucks and 2k for equipment
  3. goose

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    My fuel cost was $128,000
  4. 32vld

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    I got to see the receipts.
  5. ROS_Grounds

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    Last year we spent $7500 on fuel... this year, with the upgraded truck, added equipment and another truck soon to roll out, I am expecting closer to $18000 this year.
  6. JFGLN

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    I came up with 6% for 2013.
  7. Jcl4slc

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    19k for truck and equipment

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