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How much do you use spray equipment?

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I have a 6 step fertilizer program that starts late February and continues through the end of November. If I had a sprayer setup I wouldn't be using it constantly all year long. So my question is, how much do you guys use your spray equipment? Do you use it only at certain times of the season when it's time to fertilize or do you have someone using it constantly throughout the season? If you do use it constantly, what other uses does it get? Also, is it better to use liquid fertilizer verses granular, what are the pro and cons? I have always used granular for fert and liquid for weeds and have had exellent results. I appreciate any light you guys can shed on the subject.

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i do a 6 step program to i like granular fert and liquid for weeds because if it rains or gets windy i don't have 200 gal of product to store and no leaks to worry about is why i stick with the granular products, also i can apply different fertilizers to different lawns during the day. as 4 use it gets used heavy in spring and in the fall and 1 or 2 days the rest of the season. sometimes i just use a backpack sprayer.
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