How Much Does A Website Cost? An Answer:

Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by Ben Bowen, May 25, 2013.

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    Here's the thing..."building" a site is a breeze. That's not in question. Building a site that's successful and ranks well, is the rub.

    It's like the absurd comment that was deleted from this thread. Yes, anyone can create a logo. Opening up Microsoft Word, typing your business name, and adding a clip art green swoosh over "Landscape" is, in some circles, a logo. It is not a logo that will be usable for any application, but it is a logo. Using the same logic, GoDaddy gives you the tools to build a site for $3.99/month and will gladly sell you their premium SEO PowerRankPumper service, or whatever they call it, and yes, you do end up having a site. It stops there. Getting it ranked, having it perform beyond brochure'ware, and actually driving leads is the hard part. If your site is performing well, and ranks in the top 5, your time and money invested getting it there is probably worth a bit more than $10/month if you were to actually figure out the costs.
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    I look at this a couple of ways.

    What will the website do for you?
    Who are you connecting with?

    A web site will connect you with the customer. answers both questions.
    However how does the customer find you????
    This is where the rankings help. But figure there are multiple companies wanting to be number one and only one can be there. So what are you getting when a web developer says they can put you at number one (they all say this)...........

    After the first year and 2 grand into it I figured I made 5 times what I paid off of the web site.
    This wasn't good enough for me as I figured at least 10 times cost to be made.

    So when they asked me to renew I told them if they could do what they had been doing for 500 or less a year I was in. No go. I was left in a bind doing much research. Asked around to different companies seeing what they did.

    We ended up doing not saying this is the best but at 150 a year 100+ 5 other domains at 10 each.
    Use craigslist for free and we are getting as many hits with just a few more hours a month, which we are on the net any ways.

    I agree in the times were in the phone book or anything else compares to being on the web, but combine the web, craigslist, business cards, postcards and facebook and you can grow rather quickly with a pretty low cost.
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    In the old days the largest companies bought the biggest ads in the Yellowpages and got the most calls. Things really have not changed that much. You have to invest heavily to be prominent on Google, especially if you are in a large market.

    However, that investment does not HAVE to be monetary. If you are willing to spend a ton of your own time you may be able to do it yourself. But, if you have no money and no time or desire then your site will be an online brochure- nothing more. And for a bunch of us that's fine.
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    If your experience truly is "they all say this", you've not been dealing with the most legitimate pool to begin with. When it comes to screening an SEO, or web design candidate, the #1 warning sign is anyone saying they'll get you to #1. If they say this, you can safely move along to another candidate. I know of no legitimate companies or consultants who promise this, and they probably say as much in their own copy.

    That's awesome. Interestingly enough, I rarely ever read people mention ROI on here. Bemoaning a $500 or $2,500 site as expensive is something I'll never wrap my head around. It's difficult to come up with a better, long-term ROI of marketing dollars than this.

    Bingo. The synergy of all of these working to drive traffic to your site, which creates a layer of pre-qualification itself, is as strong as it gets.

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