how much $$ for a lazer z


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how much $$ for a lazer z 60in mower be?Should i get the striper?should i get the bagger?should i get the custom ride suspension?mulcher kit?is this mower the moower to get, i have 2, 5 arce lots, a 15 arce lot and 6 half arce lots?


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The Lazer 60" can range in price between $7699 for the AS to $12699 for the 3 cylinder diesel. Our most popular model is the 27 hp Kohler model at around $8899.

As for the accessories everyone has their buy them all. Punkin's college tuition is coming up in about 18 years. I need the money!

If it were me I'd seriously look at the Turf Striper, the Customer ride seat and the mulch kit. All for different reasons.

The Turf Striper will be great on most if not all of your properties and will leave a distinctive look that can be one of your selling features that give you an edge over your competition. The Comfort ride seat will just leave you a little less tired at the end of the day and may help you mow a little faster without getting too uncomfortable. The mulch kit on the other hand makes a great deal of sense if any of the properties have flower beds or pedestrian traffic.

I'd be real interested to here what the LS members would suggest. They do this day in and day out and should have a good perspective on all the attachments.



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I have all of those attatchments including the most popular mower (60" 27hp) and I agree with what Terry said !

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I paid 8699.00 for it.


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I agree with terry other than getting the mulch kit.
The properties you are talking about can be discharged,while you will get a bit more productivity (faster cutting) versus trying to mulch that amount of turf.

bagger-no......too much area for bagging on the large properties unless it is a requirement.
suspension seat- you bet!
I believe it's the right mower for the combination of properties you have listed.