How much for Christmas Lights??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ofishil, Aug 30, 2004.

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    Wondering how much you guys charge roughly for christmas lights. I am working out a deal with one of my customers. They service around 50-60 clients a day for pest control and along with their work orders and bills they will pass out flyers stapled advertising Christmas lights. Their techs will receive a cut for selling a light setup along with the owners for the flyers for each customer i get. They approched me about it.

    I cant really say how big a house would be but lets just say a average size middle class home. 3 bedroom 2 bath home. This will be around just the front and maybe the sides. 8 strands of light or so.

    I am thinking

    1. they have the lights out (not in the attic or storage) and in working order (will not try to fix lights.)
    2. i will untangle lights
    3. hang them
    4. take them down and wrap nicely

    If they want me to provide the lights and extension cords i will with a markup from Home depot

    Will regular normal lights work like from Walmart or Home depot or is their commercial light available?

    Ive done my neighbors home last few years with alot of lights and won our community backyard light thing. (will try to find some pics of it.)

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    When you did your neighbor's house, did you keep track of the time it took? That will give you some insight into the time for similar houses at least. Time multiplied by the hourly rate you want = bid. I would definitely have a minimum figure to quote over the phone. Nothing like looking over the job, maybe doing some measurements, giving a quote of say, $120, and hearing the homeowner say "Oh. We thought it would be like $25."
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