How much for removal of tall weeds

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by mwalz, May 13, 2014.

  1. mwalz

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    So a client wants all this crap removed. Just big weeds is all it is, nothing like poison ivy from what i can see. The area is about 10'x11' give or take a lil. I'm thinking $60. I cut grass at the property so i will already be there to do it. Lots of medium sized rocks in there, not too bad. I can get it done in about an hour or so, maybe a little longer. It would be $8 to dump it, or if there is little enough i'll just put it in 2 bags and have my trash guy take em if there is only a couple to save a lil $. $60 too much? If he wants the rocks moved out i might go $65.

  2. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    Sound like you answered your question Sonnds like good price
  3. mwalz

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    I don't usually make $60 an hour, closer to 25-30. But this isn't as easy a cutting grass.
  4. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    its a hazard job with poison ivy
  5. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Price sounds about right.
  6. southerntide

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    Already got it, when I was little never allergic get 5ft near I get it now gets in my blood going for shot today.

    And yes thats a good quote on that to me.
  7. weeze

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    I would spray it first and let it sit for a few weeks. this will make removal easier and less chance of getting poison oak or anything.

    if the owner is willing to wait for that.
  8. gardengnome

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    I don't usually spend time here on a daily basis, I have better things to do, but I have found myself here several times this past week and this is the second one where you are asking how much to charge. I know you're 16 and you don't have much equipment to speak of, but I won't get out of bed for $25/hr. By the time you pay for your fuel, scheduled maintenance, repairs, fees and taxes, depreciation and replacement you're probably at half that. I strongly suggest that you start actively tracking everything you do so that you'll know how long it takes and as such how much it costs you. If you're not sure how much to charge, tell the customer you'll do it by the hour.
    I'll also suggest that a extra $5 for removing the rock might hurt you big time. Can you get a truck right up to it or will you need to barrow it out (and how far)? and if you have to dispose in a landfill that rock will cost you a lot more than those weeds/trees, are you accounting for that? Not to mention the time you will need to spend to actually dispose of that stuff. Have you considered who is paying for that?
  9. mwalz

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    I know, i know, i know, that's why I'm reluctant to even reply to things on here, mostly because i get told the same thing over and over. I do right stuff down, everything, and track how long i work that day, then at the end of each month, i get my gross, and net and hings like that, divide it by the # of hours i worked, then i get my hourly. Maybe i should just get on here once a week and post things because i always get put down for charging what i do. Sorry if i am coming off a a bratty 16 year old. I just don't know anything because im 16 right?
  10. gardengnome

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    Alright smartass! You want people to take you serious? Tkae your age out of your sig line and get serious about what you are doing! There is an incredible amount of worthless BS on this forum but with some searching there is also a lot of useful info.

    Maybe $25/30 per hour works for you at this time, but know that most of us won't drop the ramp for $25.00. So let me give you some pointers:

    • what is your equipment cost? i.e. how much did you pay, how long will it last and how much will it be worth when you trade it in. You should know this for every piece of equipment!
    • How long does it take you to perform a task? I'm talking everything! Edging, trimming, mowing (each mower), blowing, mulching, weeding. Make sure you include retrieving from and reloading to the truck/trailer). You need this info to estimate your jobs. Long term it is much more important to meet or beat your estimated times than it is to calculate how much you made per hour.
    • Make sure you include the time needed to load/unload your trailer; the time you need to sell your services; the time needed to do your admin work. These are all costs of doing business and as such come out of your profit unles you plan for them and include them in your hourly rate (notice I did not say wage!!)

    And perhaps you should ask yourself why you get told the "same thing over and over". Perhaps it is because you didn't listen? Look, if you are just making pocket change while you're in school (or, as some others, have a full time job) nobody cares for you because you're stealing our bread and butter and you should have the decency to at least act professional. If you're in this to make your mark and have your own real company, get your sh*t together, learn and implement! There'll be plenty who will want to help if you'll listen. I'll be glad to talk to you in person if you need someone to bounce questions of. Send me a PM if you do.

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