how much for this John Deere WB


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Anyone got an idea as to what a good offer would be for this John Deere WB. What I know about it is this: belt-driven, @ 5 years old, @ 100 hours (rich lawyer with a decent size lawn, thought he needed a commercial mower, more machine than he needs), 14hp Kawasaki (needs a little work, probably plugs). I have seen the mower once and it appears to be in pretty good shape given its age. I have never owned or used a John Deere. I need another mower due to my slow expanding but cannot afford a new machine. For what its worth, the owner is willing to allow me to have the mower on an agreement of paying it off with services to his property. It seems like a good situation, Not my first choice of WB mower but the needy should not be choosy.....unless I'm missing something. ANYBODY GOT AN IDEA???
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If its belt drive its probably over 10 years old, a rebadged Bunton. The newer ones (91 up) dont use wheel belts just clutches internal to the transmission.

They made an all-green belt drive a couple years back but wasnt very well designed. Try it out.


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What size deck?
I sold a JD belt 36" with 121/2 for $1,000. It was about the same age. It was a belt drive. Deck made by Bunton.
The mower had 500+ hours.
I purchased a JD 36" hydro with 14 for $1,800 to replace the belt drive. 95 hours.
These mowers are built like tanks. Quality of cut is excellent.