How much for tree installation?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Precision Lawns, Apr 27, 2005.

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    We have a customer (who likes to think of himself as knowledgeable...) who just went out to the nursery and picked out a bunch of trees for his yard. He wanted the wholesale price, though, so he told them his landscaper would come and pick them up and pay for them. Then he called us, told us what he did, and told us to come get cash from him to go pick up his trees. Of course, he still wants us to get the trees, deliver them, and install them. Normally for a job like this, we'd jack up the price of the trees to cover a warranty, but since we had no say in picking out the trees I'm hesitant to offer a warranty. Then of course we'd charge for delivery, labor, and mulch. Now we think we need to increase those charges slightly to pay for the inconvenience (he wants it to be done his way, right away, so we've got to move around another job we were going to do this weekend in order to fit in his giant tree job). We were thinking $100 for delivery and then $100 installation per tree, including mulch. We'd need about a yard of mulch ($23/yd) for all the trees, we think (when he was talking to us about it before, he was saying he wanted between 5-7 trees). No warranty. His landscaping contract would say the warranty was void since he provided his own materials. Obviously, we won't give him the price until we actually go and SEE these trees he picked out, but is that a decent ballpark figure? This is our first tree job and we want to make sure we price it right. Thanks.
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    What size trees?Balled,container,bareroot?What's his soil like?will you be staking?How many tree's?.Last minute schedual busters get charged more but not per tree,for the all around job.Answer and I will follow up.
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    When I come across people that think they know everything I suggest they do it themselves. He wants to use you contractor price to save money, and you have the right idea charging him for delivery. Every time I run across a guy like that, I charge 30% more and then I feel better about taking all the bs. He will be right there supervising the entire thing, asking questions, quoting a book he read about how trees should be planted, and questioning everything you do. Price accordingly!!! I can listen to a lot of crap, and act like a servent, when I am making twice as much as I usually do. If you bid normally or low, you will be pissed and resent the guy the entire time.
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    No Warranty!, $100 delivery (depends on # of trees) + hourly rate from the minute you leave your house (to get his money & to pick up the trees) + your mulch rates. my 2 cents
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    Hourly rate does not pay in the tree planting game.look at the tree's and where he wants them bfr bidding.My 2cents

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