How much $ for wb?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by JLL25, Jan 1, 2006.

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    I might have the opportunity to buy two walkbehinds, a 44" and a 37" both Toro both are hydro not belt driven, I dont know the hp on either. They both have the T-bar I couldnt tell you how many hours are on them but I know they are at least 3 years old and they have been ran almost everyday of the mowing season, definitely in "used" condition. Could you guys give me at least a ball park figure?
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    The 44" toro's are still in production so year is going to be hard to say. They have not made the 37" for a while. I would say $1,200 for the 37" if it is in GREAT shape. As you describe it I would offer him a price of $800 for it depending on how it looks, runs, cuts, drives etc.
    You will not be diassapointed with the T-BAR drive system...They are wonderful to use. TORO dealer suport is also very very good!!
    Best of luck!!
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    tell him 1300 for both...the way u descibe them thats what i would pay...maybe a lil less...but i also paid 200 for my 1st mower and fixed it up so i dunno dont spend a lot of money and im guessin u will be runnin a biz with these so make sure to keep up on them and i would personally take them to a shop to get a full service done b4 i took them out
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    with the model no. and serial no. you can go to and get the year of manufacture.

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