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How much gas did you use last year?


LawnSite Silver Member
Ok going through my taxes and looking at what I had spent on gas for the truck and equiptment. I was actually surprised to see what I spent.
Gas for equiptment 228.36 gallons total $401.91

Gas Truck 1088.7 gallons $1817.73.

What do you all usually spend a year on equiptment gas and truck gas?

It is amazing what you spend in 12 months of gas. Hope gas prices stay somewhat low this year but won't hold my hand you know where.


LawnSite Silver Member
Morgantown, WV
We spent about 6.5K on both off road and truck fuel.We also had an income of $ 1750.00 in fuel surcharges to offset the cost some.We will be using a fuel surcharge this year as well, third year in a row now.