How much grass can a srw pickup hold?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by doubleedge, Mar 8, 2013.

  1. doubleedge

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    I've been considering putting a dump bed on a srw hd pickup. Probably this dump bed. Assume the truck has a gas engine and 4x4.

    Anyway, about how much grass would I safely be able to load while towing a ~5k lb trailer?

    I've been doing some research, and it seems like I'd max out the truck pretty quickly. I collect a bunch of grass; right now I'm using a 10x5x5 dump trailer, and there are some days when I fill it up. So that's about 9 yds of grass in a single day.

    Another option I've been considering is a 1998 chevy 3500hd with a 454 and a 12' dump. The truck has 150k miles but has a new engine and other new parts. My concern is that it'll be difficult to maneuver in town with a trailer.
  2. McG_Landscaping

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    4-6 cubic yards with side boards
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  3. Dually00-00

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    Looks like you need the 98 3500. Should be like driving an extended cab long bed, same frame anyway . That dump should make you a ton of money!
  4. clydebusa

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    To me grass clipping doesn't way much so you should run out of room before running out of truck. I have a c3500 with 8x9 with 2 foot sides and I run out of truck before room when it comes to dirt and sand.
  5. mlavin73

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    Thats a nice dump bed. Wish I saw that before I bought my insert. I currently have a Downeaster dump bed in my truck. The insert is steel so of course it's rusting on me. The one you listed weighs less than mine, and I would shave some weight off the truck by losing the bed. Do you know what that goes for?

    As far as the weights I don't have an answer for you. Mine will supposedly push up 6K and I did have it so loaded once, it wouldn't push it up. I only drove down the street with the load. My truck is a Ford F250 SRW. I have sides on my bed even with the top of the cab and I have had grass mounded up to the top while pulling a 7X14 enclosed with 2 scag ZTR's. I really don't like to push my truck that hard though.
  6. tony b

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    I haul a lot of grass myself but have been able to reduce the overall amount with a few simple tricks. I do all my trim work without a bag, blowing the clippings towards the center. Locally my most difficult cutting is may 1 to june 15 so we double cut some first without bags then with. I have reduced my clippings from 8 to 9 yds a day to 4 or 5. Which most of all saves me money by not driving 2 trucks or stopping to dump midday.

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