How much grass (length) do you cut off in weekly mowing? avg. and max

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Jason Rose, Sep 17, 2006.

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    Ok, I see sooooo many posts about people mulching 100% of the time or people SD with no clumps and no problems... Some say they can mow at full speed and cut 100%. Then I see inch numbers around. Saw one that said "it was really tall, I was cutting 2 to 3 inches off". Then I see other posts of foot high grass that's 6 days growth that the mower just can't cut good...

    :) I want NO lies and fabrications here. Tell me where you are at in the world and how much length you are cutting off weekly. Also include how late in the day you have wet grass from dew on average. :)

    Trying to make people understand WHY we don't mulch here...

    on average, weekly, I'm cutting 3 to 5 inches of growth off. That's cutting at 3" to 3.25".
    In the spring surge of growth, that on many lawns lasts up till summer drought, I can easily see 6" a week getting cut off. The record for fescue was an acre lot I had, nice grass, no weeds, minumal fert. Grew 8" in 7 days. Mulch that! (yes we BAG a lot around here) Dew hangs around till 11:00 am oftentimes in the fall. Pretty wet in the spring too and humid summer days can be dewy as well. Dew IS much harder to mow through than a light rain. Much more water on each blade of grass with the dew.
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    I have several that grow atleast 7" a week.

    Then I have some with Bahia and Dallis grass that are almost looking me in the face when I show up... lol... From 2.5" to 2.5 ft in notime. I have customers joke with me and say they can hear it growing again as soon as I'm out of sight.

    I can mulch pretty much anything one week can throw at me though. When it's thick, tall, wet, ect and really bad, resorting to double cutting is the better option. Once at 5" to get it down to size and get that part mulched, then a second pass to leave a finished cut at 3"-4". But the tall cuts like 4"-4.5" are usually good in ONE except the worst of lawns.

    But mulching at that height does offer a lot of advantage over say 3"....
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    You know, 7 days is an arbitrary number. It's just handy to schedule. I cut whatever is over 3.5, spring it could be 5 or more. If I were to mulch, I would have to visit every 3 days at least, even in the lean times.

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