how much grass seed do i need

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by fordstroker05, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. fordstroker05

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    Iam just starting out my landscaping buisness and this is my first job doing grass seed and i cant figure out how to estimate how much i will need. I measured one section which is 22w x 77L and the other is 22w x 30L also i need to do mulch the beds are 5w x 15L and 3w x 22L if someone can help me it would be very appraciated.
  2. tombo82685

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    If you have the measurments for the area just do the math to come up with your sq footage. The depending on what type of seed you use that will tell you how much to put down. EX. tall fescue is usually 6-9 lbs/1000
  3. Turboguy

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    Doing the math quickly in my head you have a total of a little over 2000 sq. ft. to seed. I would probably go with about 20 pounds for the job. You could go as low as 16 pounds and still be ok but don't go below that. In suffolk Co, I would suggest you go with a bluegrass, fescue and rye mix, somewhere in the 25% BG, 15-20% F, and the balance perrennial rye. Those ratio's don't have to be exact. If the area is shady go up on the fescue or just get a shady mix. If you will be doing this job soon make sure they give it plenty of water, at least twice a day but not in the evening. Not so much that it puddles or runs off however.
  4. RigglePLC

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    I would drop the fine fescue--most of it isn't worth much. Then go with 20 percent top quality dark green, disease resistant per rye. Like Silverdollar, Derby Xtreme, Manhattan IV or Palmer IV. Try to find disease resistance to red thread, rust, gray leaf spot, dollarspot and brownpatch. Then add 80 percent Kentucky bluegrass of a top variety like Northstar, Limousine, Midnight II, or Bedazzled. You want 80 percent Kentucky bluegrass because the rye is so aggressive in the first year--that with any higher percentage--you will end up with mostly perennial rye.
  5. starry night

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    What he said. Experts will tell you that bluegrass seed is almost wasted if it is not at least 80 per cent of a mix. I go so far as to use 85% with 15% perennial rye. You end up with a nice lawn of both grasses.
  6. fordstroker05

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    ok thanks everybody i think i figured out how much seed i will need, now i added everything up and my total job cost is 785.00/ i have to grind 20 9in stumps, weed and mulch 5 beds all about 200sq ft and trim 5 bushes and of course plant the seed. Can someone please tell me if that is too much because i feel that it is. Thanks

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