How much has a scrub cut your price

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by J&R, Feb 18, 2003.

  1. J&R

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    My case a scrub under bid me and 2 others on a per cut job. the 3 bids came in at 200.00,175.00 and150.00 then this @@@@ scrub bids 65.00 per cut. i had the job 2 years. i don't mine getting out bid and losing a job but this is what i have to deal with now.
  2. MOW ED

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    Just keep an eye on the property, eventually the scrub loses out on these deals because the job will not pe profitable enough. Thats not to say that you jump right back in without making it worth your while. If you want to work there again.
  3. 2 man crew

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    That $65.00 bid sticks out like a sore thumb. Try to point that out to the person you are presenting the bid to.

    How do you know the other bids? :D
  4. grshppr

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    I had a lawn that I did for $20. It was small, took 2 guys 10 min to do. A guy came along and told them he would do it for $5. I laughed when they told me they had someone cheaper to do the lawn. That was the funniest "undercutting" I've ever had.:D
  5. imalandscper

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    I bid a car lot at 65 and got cut by a bar in the county at 45 and got cut by 20........both people that are doing them have 1 john deere garden tractor and a weed wacker and a blower
  6. J&R

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    It was a open bid the last day they open the bids and you can be there. The main question i was asking was how much have you been under bid. i know of one LCO in my area he had this account sense 1962 it was over 100,000,00 account here comes a new LCO and bids 50,000.00 on the same job. When i get out bid on a account then they call me back i will tell the i need a 10 year contract with cost of living increases each year of 5%
  7. Fantasy Lawns

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  8. Husker1982

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    I know of a few cases that someone would get under cut on a well paying job and the LCO that cut the throat found them selves in a lot of problems (broken windows, flat tires, equipment stole/broke). My buddie who has a one man business under cut a bigger LCO and he was physically threatened. This is no joke. This is a cut throat business and sometimes you might really find out what that means. I know I don't play around and niether do other guys I know. So to those of you who like to run around and scope out the bigger LCO's and try to get their business. BE CAREFULL.
  9. turfman59

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    I guess he really needed the work LOL If he is a guy you know stop and give him the lawn site . com address, that way he can feel like a real genius
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    I have been under cut by $20-

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