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How much HP? - Round 2... (New Mower Finally)

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I was going to post in the previous thread on "How much HP for a 60 mower" to close the loop, but I see it was finally locked. (Probably a good thing.)

I finally got to answer my own question. I guess my new answer is 37hp...

I Found a 2020 model, 61" Wright ZK on Facebook. 1,100 hours, fresh service, 37hp Vanguard EFI, with a grass flap. All for the price of...........

---- drumroll please ---


It's going to be interesting getting used to this machine. I feel pretty awkward on it, but I hope it lives up to the hype - especially on hillside performance.

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According to the manual for your 61 v-ride.

4.6 ENGAGING THE DECK DRIVE (CUTTER BLADES) 1. Set the throttle at about 3/4 speed. Do not attempt to engage the deck drive at high speed as this shortens the electric clutch life — use only moderate engine speed when engaging the deck drive. 2. Engage the deck drive by pulling out on the yellow switch, located on the instrument panel, to the engage position. See Figure 4-4.
Jashley have you got a chance to get some more time in the saddle of the wright yet? Just wondering if it's growing on you at all as it seems that's typically how they end up gaining their loyal crowd.
I think it was my video. Or maybe the motorcycle, hell I don't know. What do you engage at hal?
dangit, now you've given them ideas to prove their claims. way to go.

How do you like the at101's on that mower? I've got a set on one ZTR that does well for me, but does leave cleat marks and will rip it up if you aren't careful. I'm considering another set for a 2nd mower just haven't pulled the trigger yet. It seems they're better on some mowers and not quite so good on others.
How do you feel regarding cut quality, may be hard to tell without good thick growth yet. Wright lacks in my opinion. I had to remove baffles on mine to make it cut like my grand stand. It seemed counter productive but certainly helped make it a top tier mower. The oem setup was less than desirable on the aerocore.
I don't mind my turf tires, but i don't get into a lot of mud very often. That grass flap is clutch.
I never could do them on standers, see guys all the time running them just like how yours is. I went with the qwikchute on my stander, if ya decide the GF isn't working try a qwikchute, but it does require one hand off the drive stick.


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In other words your rep said to ignore the manual and engage at idle is that correct? Even though he said you would also be good to do so at 3/4 per the manual. He mentioned lugging could cause issues but that you would be fine if it works for you? Your scag v ride 61 inch engages fine at idle with no bog is that correct?

I blow my mower off daily but i definitely dont wash it daily. You are right, the owners manual is a rule of thumb. Is your engaging at idle really giving you 5x the clutch life?
Diesel hydro clutch forshizzle. Which is why i mentioned gas previously.

I dont have a mower that wont bog or die at idle engage and i just cant encourage anybody to only do so.
I do find it interesting that a scag rep would recommendd engaging at idle.
I took it as “if you follow the manual every will work fine.”
So why not do so?
Lugging = too much load for the rpm range. In other words the engine cannot push the pistons any further due to high load. When you engage pto at low rpm and it stalls you have just introduced too much load for the rpm range, so much so that it died. Lugging has zero to do with extended periods.

Yall idle pto popper folks are crazy. Why chug a lug and bog that sucker when m the pto clutch is designed to engage at a higher speed than idle.

Chug a lug all ya want they arent my motors but good golly conpletely ignoring the owners manual and recommendations from the company seems silly. Anyway, dont do it on my mowers because it doesnt work.

Too each their own. Reminds me of that chug a lug song.
Ed wright explains this in one of his videos. In 25 years of lawn care I have never met a mechanic, rep, salesman, or manu who recommended engaging pto at idle on a gas lawn mower like what we are talking about. Maybe they all just repeat what the manual says. Or maybe they are just making it up. Or maybe the engineers know a thing or two? Who knows, who cares. Fact remains that the recommendation to only engage at idle is a poor one as most mowers will be chugging, flopping belts, or stalling.

Do what your rep said, but realize that its not a recommendation you will get from many.
Exactly. And as most of us who run mowers daily know, idle is rarely the place to engage pto. Maybe some are cranking 1500rpm idle speeds. You wont get much grass mowed if you only engage at idle
You are certainly entitled to your opinion derwood. Just rememebr thats all it is.

Over the years i have had several that recommend full throttle. Never seen one that says idle, but im aure there were maybe some hydro clutches that recommended that. Ive not seen a modern mower like what we are discussing recommend idle however.
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I just linked that and explained where to look, bud. Would a screenshot be easier?

He surely does represent scag. Hes saying if it works, do it. Cal and tell him your deck belt is hopping off when you engage and idle and see what he says lol.
Sure, ill walk you through it.

Post 148 I provided a link to a pdf manual for a toro grandstand. I also mentioned looking at page 15 on the right hand side.

You will see the following text

"Always use the fast position when turning on the mower deck with the blade control switch (PTO)."
I gave some specific instructions and im sorry if you cant follow them and read the info i provided. Im trying to show what you requested, not arguing. Its there, for you when you are ready. I cannot spell it out any easier for you.
Ok so you were able to see it, very good progress!

Thats a wrap, youll need to ask around from some other folks or search the forum for pto full throttle engagement recommendations from manus. Its not uncommon and doesnt need proven any further than I have shown, which i will say is more than anybody has shown me in regards to literature recommending idle engagement. No?
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