how much in your pocket???


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I have seen too many posts on what people are getting hourly to do jobs and it always seems pointless to discuss this because obviously everybody has different overhead costs and different expenses. It would be nice if we could all have standard pricing but that will never happen. and I expect a solo operator who works out of his home to have cheaper prices then guy employing crews. to me it Ultimately comes down to- what do you want to actually take home after all bills are paid. have any of you ever figured out what your actually getting per hour after all expenses and for the guys w/ crews what are you getting per hour per employee. please share your info. Personally I am alittle disappointed w/ one of my crews and am rethinking that crew before spring...


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Personally,I want to make 30.00 per hour.(Not much for a business owner)30 per hour comes out to $62,400 a year at 52 weeks for 40 hours per week(Yeah in a perfect world).Cut that to 32 weeks and you get $38,400.Not very much to live off of after taxes and such.To cover expenses and still have the company make money ,I need to charge $20 more per hour.So,now I'm at $50 per hour.
That $20 per hour comes to $25,600 that the company grosses at 32 week.Later on,when I can hire full time employees,I'll be charging $30-50 per man hour,depending on how much the employee is paid.That way,the business will be making money off of my employee.
Should be around $50 per hour gross for the company with me and one employee.
When I'm able to hire more employees,the business will be making more money,then,hopefully,when all of it comes together,I can pay myself more money.:D
Am I making this now?No way!I have to become more efficient,especially with mowing.Seems I can't make $50 per hour with mowing,edging,and trimming.People are only going to pay so much for their lawn care,so I need to adjust my technique so that they're happy with the price,while I'm still making money instead of losing it.
Worked on my budget over the weekend.These numbers are what I have to make in order to actually make money.


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I am solo and I used to shoot for $25/hour. This year I am aiming for the neighborhood of $30-$35/hour. I am going to push myself to be more efficient, while maintaining superior quality.


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Never enough. When the money is flowing well, something always seems to happen that needs some of the extra money.

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