How Much Income for a 2 man crew full time

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GSL 23, Feb 23, 2005.

  1. GSL 23

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    My brother and I are a 2 man crew and we work in New England for about 9 months. We avarage about 25 cuts per season. We would like to get an idea on how much we should make and how much some of you make with a 2 man crew. we would gladly appreciate your input. Thanks

  2. Eho

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    It obviously depends on the amount of accounts, how much you earn per account, etc. Also, are yall equal partners? If so, money has to be split down the middle whereas if you would just hire an employee for ten bucks and hour, you pay him, spend the rest on overhead and the leftovers is yours. It will stink having to split it between yall, but if yall work hard there is money to be made. Good luck to you.
  3. jgtxusa

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    I think a 2 man crew running fairly hard for 50 hours a week should run around 200-250k a year gross. That is billing around 20k a month. If you were running all residential maintenance and were set up right, I think you could double that if you are on the truck everyday to make sure the accounts are taken care of. It sounds like you and your brother could put up some numbers if you are used to working together. I have a 2 man crew that are brothers, 48 and 43 years old, that ran around 265K last year alone. They are both my favorite and highest payed employees, so we usually net equal or less than some of the other crews, but never lose an account on their watch. Some of the more experienced contractors in the area I have heard say that an average comm crew runs around 150-175k gross with 3 men. They usually do not have the caliber of employees that we do and pay them about one third of what we pay. So I cannot help you much on net income. My net dances around a lot except for with my favorite two fellas. Your area will probably be considerably higher net income area than here in TX also. Good luck.
  4. TMlawncare

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    jgtxusa, 2 men averaging 20k a month for 12 months = 240k. This crew he is referring to is working with a much shorter season. 24-26 cuts per year, they only have an active growing season between april and october. They are a new crew not a super refined top 1% super duo.
    With your much shorter growing season and lack of top notch accounts I would say 80-100k with a middle of the road route. Think about it this way, using the industry avg. $40 per hour. If you worked solo for 9 hours you would gross $360 per day. $360 X 5 days a week = $1800 per week X 26 weeks = $46800 + 37440 ($46800 -20% reduction for 2nd helper effiency = 37440) = $84240 per year for two man crew. Any questions
  5. GSL 23

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    thank you gsl
  6. GSL 23

    GSL 23 LawnSite Member
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    can i get some more input please help thanks
  7. rodfather

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    I would venture that 140 - 150 grand or so for straight mowing you would be doing pretty good IMO...
  8. Kelly's Landscaping

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    I think Rod is much closer to the numbers you can expect up here. I come up with 140k a year figure 700 a day 5 days a week 40 weeks a season. You may work more you may work less After all that you will probably see a little less then 50k a year each. But you need to get those accounts first that will probably take you 3 years before the accounts are close enough to bring in that kind of money. Then you got fall to deal with 2 guys up here little to no chance to do say 100 clean ups your going to need help then.
  9. xtremelawns

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    Hey guyz.. I would recommend looking to hire 2 guyz.. split up and Pound out as much as possible this way u would even double ur profit. and you can easily do this by hiring someone for as little as 10 hour. My problem is finding the guyz .. lol
  10. kipcom

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    My little sister has a lawn-biz as a part of her company & her 2 person crew makes her 45k annual. All they do is residential lawn work. She pays them $9.00HR and milage ( they use their truck / her trailer and mowers).

    45k net..........You might want to look into hiring a crew.

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