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How much is a HOA fine?


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I get the occasional call from someone who has a little problem, namely they've gotten a letter from their HOA concerning the appearance of their lot, and are being threatened with a fine...

On average, how much are these fines?


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Nashua, NH
The way things work around here in the places ive been to, if the person gets a letter stating they need to clean something up, mow something, trim...etc. and it isn't done, then the owner of the park has their own maintenance division go and do it and then charge the people living there for the work....i can only guess a very inflated cost


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the fines very..........

I have customers in a HOA that the fine is 100.00 then 300.00 and the max is 500.00 after the 500.00 then they start the kicking out letters.....

YES they can. I have seen where people were being kicked out but they wouldn't leave. " because you really CANT make someone sell there home"
so they put leans against the proptery.....

It can get very ugly.

it works as a great advertisement for guys like us.


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Flint, Michigan
A HOA fine? Around here, they start at about 50 bucks an hour, I think...I believe the knappy headed ones are a little cheaper...:laugh:


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In our HOA they warn you several times and then eventually the HOA will hire someone to mow and then try to get Homeowner to pay the charge. You can guess how that works....then HOA buts lein on their home...etc ...etc. ON another note we was asked by HOA to do some of these yards....when we arrived at the first one the homeowner STORMED out and demanded we get off his property... Needless to say we have never taken another request to do that type of mowing:hammerhead:


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Horsham, Pa
start a company called township ordinance services and just go around cutting all the lawns you see that look around a foot high, theres tons of them right now ......you could do a crap job and leave a bill for 300 bucks.....cant expect the downship to do anything better right?

NewHorizon's Land

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Ridgely, MD
Places that get over a foot in my town are charged at least $150 for single lots and $300 for double lots.