How much is a new engine for magnum?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by amerigreen, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. amerigreen

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    Hi Guys,
    Bought a used permagreen magnum this weekend. The guy who was selling it because it had a oil leak. He was asking 2100. or best offer for a 2006 magnum with 190 hours. Looked at it was very clean and ran fine although is was leaking oil badly. Thought OK its probably a bad seal, gave him 2000.00 and went on my way. Got up today to see what the problem was, took off the engine and WOW a big hole in the case and a lot of corrosion!! So, been researching and found the there is a fix, the spacers. And will be ordering them. Have three permagreens one century and two ultras and know what to look for as far as problems. Being that this is my first magnum can you let me know any other issuses so I can nip them in the bud.

    Also what is the rpm at full throttle?


  2. Laner

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    My '09 Magnum states 3450 RPM. I have about 50 hrs on mine now. Really like it just trying to figure out the best method to cleaning and keeping it from corroding away!
  3. SpreadNSpray

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    Good deal on the Magnum!

    The fix to tighten up the hopper plate:

    This link has some maintenance info:

    Check the front wheels during operation. They may rub the frame when you turn, making steering difficult. Permagreen sells some spacers for this problem.

    Other than that the Magnums have been very dependable for me.

    The big difference you will notice between the Magnum and Ultra is the single center spray system, the belt driven pump, almost no electrical parts!:) and the Honda.
  4. RigglePLC

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    May I suggest...clean up the corroded area and fix it with some epoxy putty. Silicone blue gasket sealer would probably also work--it is good up to 400 degrees. If not, get a new crankcase. Add the spacers, so the area can be cleaned and dried out. Fertilizer plus moisture eats aluminum.
  5. Joshuakwhit

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    Man, i just kept it sprayed down with lubricating spray. Thanks for that tidbit.:clapping:
  6. indyturf

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    I have a couple Honda engines w/wet clutch. they were about $900. each new. 1 has about 200 hrs and the other about 50. both need carbs (I have a new one still in the box) both ran good and the blocks are in good shape. I sold my Magnum's and don't need them anymore. will take $300 for the pair and you pay shipping.
  7. amerigreen

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    Yup, 900 bucks plus shipping from permagreen. Took the engine into honda dealer a he ordered me one for 575.00. Hope it the right one he says it will be. If it doesn't work out indyturf you will be hearing from me.


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