How much is a set of 3 blades for a 48"?

Discussion in 'Oregon™' started by TROTTMAN, Jun 27, 2004.


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    I just bought a Husqvarna 4818 mower, and its about time for new blades (I think one is slightly bent).

    How much are the different types of gator mulching blades (I saw three types?)

    Also, since there are 3 types, what is each type good for specifically. I noticed one was high lift, one was high lift and thicker than the standard version, I think.

    I'd like the high-lift version, but only if it doesn't hurt mulching (I have a mulching kit with baffles).

    AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, for a real mulching set up with baffles and a plug, will standard mulching blades OR Gator blades mulch best??? Thanks so much!
  2. Oregon Tech

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    I am not sure what blade you need for your mower, I am not familiar with that model.

    As for the Gators we do make a total of three different versions. We make a standard, a high lift, and a magnum. The magnum is a high lift version in 1/4" thick. We don't make all three versions for all mowers.

    The Gator is designed to Mulch and discharge. If you plan to leave your mulching plug in place you may actually be better off with the standard mulching blade.

    TROTTMAN LawnSite Senior Member
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    Well thats a little vague hahaha. I know gators are good at mulching, so should I go with the high lifts or regular ones. What is the advantage of a thicker blade - strength?

    How much does each type of blade retail for.

    ALSO, I was on the web site and I could find no pricing or a cart or anything.

    Why would a normal blade mulch better than gators?
  4. Oregon Tech

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    The High Lift will definately perform better for lifting the grass and mulching. The idea of the heavier blade is mostly extended life and durability.

    The normal blade I fealt would serve you better if you intended to leave the mulching kit in place. If you want to discharge and mulch the Gator is for you.

    As for the price I realy cannot say unless I know specifically which part number you were going to purchase.

    You did not find pricing or a cart on the website because we do not sell directly to the public. All of our sales is done through two step Distribution. You will need to buy from you local dealer.

    TROTTMAN LawnSite Senior Member
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    Why would a normal blade with baffles and a plug mulch better than a gator blade with the same set up. I am not trying to be annoying I really am curious. I have always been told gators are better at mulching for any set up. Thanks...
  6. Oregon Tech

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    I am not 100% sure that the regular blade will perform better under these conditions than the Gator. It has just been my experience that the Gator performs much better when you are discharging.

    The Gator is designed to lift the grass as it is cut and redirect it back toward the center of the blade. This action continues to take place until the clippings are very fine. With a mulch plug in place on some decks this does not happen very well. As you keep all of the grass under the deck you naturally have to mow much slower.

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