How much is INS on the biz, when you spray turf pest control

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by KcLawnServices, Jan 27, 2006.

  1. KcLawnServices

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    ..Just wanted to know if you sprayed turf pest control how much would that make you insurance go up?..
  2. KeystoneLawn&Landscaping

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    First question is, do you have the proper license to apply herbicides/pesticides/fertilizer? My insurance company is Erie Insurance, the endorsement for the applicator license is included in my liability policy for $425 a year. Thats for 200,000 in coverage. Pa requires 200,000 minimum.
  3. SodKing

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    I have a 2 million dollar policy, the pesticide rider is only $200. You have to find the right insurance company that handles agricultural companies. I had Liberty mutual a great many years ago and they charged $2600 just for the pesticide rider, because they didn't know how to properly insure my company.
  4. GreenUtah

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    agreed. many companies will flat out dump you if you begin spraying pesticides. the cost is relative to the amount ($$$) that your company does, indicating the volume of exposure, claims and the dollar limits of the policy. I've had corporate clients spec 5mil in coverage, coupled with the volume of biz we did, you do not want to know how much the yearly premium was. It's not enough to just ask for companies that will write pesticide application, but you need to find those that will write it in your state, otherwise it's a moot point.

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