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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by ShannonM7426, May 26, 2007.

  1. ShannonM7426

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    hi all my name is shannon. i not in the industry but i was wonder if i could ask some of you for your opinion??

    i rent a house in coachella ca, when i moved in there was no grass in the back yard just dirt, but the front was very nice and complete with a sprinkler system. the back yard use to have a a few vine plants on the wall so there was a system running along the back wall. we change out the little hose sprinklers to regular ones and added a few to go through the grass but we didnt do enough so most of the grass is dieing bc its not getting enough water (which i have to redo all the grass work too). now i think i want to hire someone to lay the sprinklers all through out the yard instead of me doing bc i only have three in the middle and all the ones i have on the back wall it looks rediculose and im getting tired!
    there is already a system i think i would just need someone to make the trenches and lay the piping and put some heads on and cover with dirt etc roughly how much do u think it would cost i just wanted to get some of your opinions b4 i start asking so i know what im in for and i dont get ripped off.

    thanks for any replys i really appriciate it!!!!
  2. bumper

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    Hard question to anwser without seeing the site.....that much is it worth to have the headache go away??
  3. ShannonM7426

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    i know its hard to say bc you cant actually see it but my camera is not working right now......
    but it a pretty rectangular shaped yard and its no more that 1,000 sqft.
  4. londonrain

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    We are adding 2 zones on Tuesday in an area of about 1000sf for $2000.
  5. ShannonM7426

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    oh dang thats a lot!! i thought it would be cheaper since the system is already there.
  6. Tony Clifton

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    That question is really close to impossible to answer.
    I would give a call to 3 reputable companies and feel them out. Go with the one you are most comfortable with.
    I am not sure where you are located, but if you are in the same area as Del Conte's give them a call. They are pretty much the best from what I understand. I saw the owner and one of his employees speak last fall, very sharp people.
  7. Mike Leary

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    Jeez, we contractors have never heard that line!!! Best of luck:)
  8. CAPT Stream Rotar

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  9. PurpHaze

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    It sounds like it's there for the front yard but there's no guarantee that it can be expanded to the back. It will all depend on what size main line already exists, where it's located on the property, if it can be expanded, etc. and then there's the question of controller and wires if it's an automatic system.

    Get a couple of reputable contractors in your area to take a look and give you an estimate.
  10. PurpHaze

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    Try desert south of Palm Springs. :)

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