How much is your business worth?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by TriMLawN, Nov 15, 2007.

  1. paponte

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    C'mon guy, don't insult my intellegnece. Any good business owner can accumulate that amount of accounts in a feasable time. I'm not saying 2 months, but within a season no problem.
  2. troblandscape

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    For some reason I think the "How Much IS My Business Worth" and "Thinking About Getting OUt" Are going to be popular topics this winter. Just a thought...
  3. old oak lawn

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    price of your used equipment / add it all up / that is what your business is worth. sorry . if you had 4 crews x all equipment and trucks office with employees + commercial contracts and proof of income then you would have a business to sell. not trying to down you i am the same way.
  4. Smallaxe

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    I run solo and I would not really sell my business rather find people who are qualified to take over the jobs.
    If I sold to some of the professionals with $10/hr crews around here they would be dropped almost immediately by the clients anyway.
    As I get ready to quit - the challenge is to find someone who can handle these accounts through my corporation. They get a guaranteed income better than they can find on their own starting out and I get a piece of the action. Most importantly the client continues great service.
    Buying into a business that you can do 4k/mo on your own for 3 days a week does have a high appeal to the right person. Don't sell yourself short and don't sell to someone who says "oh, easy money!" You will see your equipment at a lawn sale and your former clients will not even look at you in the grocery store.
  5. Lawnworks

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    I think your accounts are worth 4k. One months gross or 10% of gross is what I have paid for accounts.
  6. yamadooski

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    C'mon to you to guy. I guess you didnt really read the what I said. The only way you will pick up 50 yards here in 2 months is to lowball. I have been doing this for 16 years in the same area. When eveyone around hers is doing yards for 45-80 a month and I used to charge 150 a month and now I still want 150 a month for these lowball yards like 45-80 a month.

    Now I want to see you come here and get the prices I was charging 5 years ago and pick up 50 yards in 2 months. Our season here is year round. And the toipic was in 2 months and you changed it to a whole season in which case I dont know that is cause we work every week here year round.

    So therefore a northern guy cant sit here and tell a good company in Florida how to run a business. Its two different mowing areas. The amount of people mowing here is getting way out of hand.
  7. paponte

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    So the prices you are getting are good, which should reflect the work you preform. I don't lowball by any means, it's not my style. I sell my company not my price. Again as far as starting a company in FL and getting established, don't insult my intelligence. As you can read in a couple of posts on here, I have been seriously looking into it for about 2-3yrs now. We know alot of people in the area of interest and do alot of networking as well.

    I don't care what type of business it is, it's about being a businessman. Next your gonna tell me that Walt Disney couldn't move to FL and start an amusement park.
  8. D & J Lawn Care

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    that does sound like alot i was thinkink about selling mine with 05 f250crew 06hp 46 triton 07 dixie 60 2 sets of hand held stihl and shindiw. 68 accounts 2 commercials (beach park ,westchase,tampa palms , and lutz ) gross 9200 a month with bank statements to prove by commercial deposits and copy checks 5th year in business insurance good till april for $80k but changed my mind ,because it was built from networking for 5 years unlike what to be believed you can't just pick up 50 accounts in 2 months well not at least not good long term customers it's to competitive down here there is 3 good size lawn companys on my street alone
  9. Lawnworks

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    80k? you would have never gotten that
  10. yamadooski

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    D&J you are right this whole post I was trying to say that you cant pick up that many accounts in 2 months without lowballing.
    This area is way, way, way out of control in the competitive area.
    And I was never trying to insult "Paponte's" intelligence.

    D&J I have seen you around and your flyers and you and I are in the most competitive areas of Tampa. That is why we no longer concentrate in those areas.

    Poponte good luck coming down here I just would not think of coming to Tampa area. We have been here for 16 years and I dont care how much networking you do it will take a long time to get good prices.
    I have a network so huge that we can discontinue lawn service and go into the entire rewholsaling. Every day we have lawn and landscape people calling where to get this and that. I might as well start charging for the information.

    Alot my of income is servicing other lawn care guys. Its very lucrative.

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