How much lead time you get when taking a semi?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Efficiency, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. Efficiency

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    Im not sure if this is supplier specific or just how the game works as we have only been taking semis after we starting getting our fert from this supplier.

    Placed our order a while ago and was told our order would ship sometime a bit after Feb 1. Got a call last night 5ish saying our fert was coming tomorrow. Not expecting it, I was a bit upset with the trucking dispatcher but quickly realized not to shoot the messenger. Anyways, its going to work out but Im just wondering if this is common place? (2nd time supplier has just thrown a truckload our way without confirming)
  2. ToddH

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    Shipping is often provided through brokers and dispatchers. Trucks are often trying to hook up for a back haul and those things. They often do not have a set time until the load is on the truck.

    Years ago I would see furniture trucks bringing in dry goods to a food distributor. I thought why is a bernhardt furniture truck bring in dry goods. They ship to the coast and return with a load.

    In your case it could be a truck like that but then they also go to a central distributor that would then put it on a city or local drivers load.

    I also had three truck loads of rubber mulch delivered one time. I got three independent drivers and the deliveries happened from 10 AM to 8 PM. The seller used a broker to quote shipping.
  3. ToddH

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    Depending on what you bought, the materials could have spent time on a rail or seaport.
  4. turf hokie

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    We dont take trailers anymore but we would request a "week of" delivery and the trucking company would call the day before to confirm. This way we at least knew to be expecting a call and delivery.
  5. rcreech

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    I like atleast a day or two so we can get barn ready, cleaned up and organized.
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  6. jbturf

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    ya, nothing like showing up to your shop in the am to find a rig sitting there idling and driver snoozin, and not even expecting the product... worse was lesco many years ago they use to use duie pyle trucking , never a call, always broken bags and damaged pallets, jdl is very good now a days, agrium is ok,
    NP is getting better- though ive had issues in the past with them

    i remember a incident i had years ago, driver showed up in the wee hours and sat idling all night, well i showed up in the morning then the neighbors called the police and fire dept down for the load of dangerous chemicals and noisy truck-quite the fiasco....i called the vendor that minute and put them on the spot- no issues since

    i think a call ahead to schedule with you should be mandatory
  7. Efficiency

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    I'm not going to call out the vendor here. But like I said, they surely can do much better. We literally just finished rearranging our facility to integrate order with our inventory when the semi showed up. Just another day as an entrepreneur - finding ways to get through less than ideal situations.
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  8. knox gsl

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    As an ex truck driver I can say that it ultimately rest on the hands of the sales person you bought it through. Let them know that you want to be notified when the product leaves the warehouse on its final destination to you. There have been many times that I was the driver sitting at the receiver's business that didn't have room for the truck or the proper means to unload it and everyone blaming the driver. It seems like the driver was the fall guy for everyone involved and knew the least about what was going on.

    I can say that its pretty common for this to happen, to the point that if I felt like there would be issues I would call the customer myself and confirm location, parking, and unloading abilities ASAP it really helped on the unloading end. Most of the time they knew I was coming but I would get the occasional that wasn't supposed to be here till next week, glad you called.

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