How much lots can I do?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by kebrowns, Dec 10, 2011.

  1. kebrowns

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    also, its not all 8000 sqft thats the lot size.
  2. Big Bad Bob

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    First off, you didn't mention the bush trimming in the op. Are you going to trim those bushes on a weekly basis? Chances are very good that you won't. As an example I trim boxwood 3 times a year. You need to time the mow, trim and blowing off the hard surfaces and the beds, if needed.
  3. ralph02813

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    First I think you need to seperate mowing from bush trimming unless you trim these bushes every time you cut.
    I forget where I posted it here, but I have two customers side by side with the same size lot, one takes 15 minutes the other just under 30 one is flat one is way hilly.
    If I was doing this, (in your flat yard) and it really took 15 mins, the counts taking gear off the truck/trailer and putting it back on I would charge $30.00 this includes trimming and blowing. The bushes or any other yard work except bush whacker or chain saw I charge $40.00 with 1/4. hr minimum, so the 3 bushes would be $20.00 unless they were really small (I would be doing them probably 3 times a year). Total stop $40-50.00.
    I do this with all my accounts and general book $20 extra per stop I use this a part of my plan on how many accounts I can do in a day.

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