how much material?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Steeley, May 18, 2004.

  1. Steeley

    Steeley LawnSite Member
    from Maine
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    I need to spread crushed rock in a driveway that is about 1500 square feet how much rock do I need? Is 3" deep enough?
  2. steve in Pa.

    steve in Pa. LawnSite Senior Member
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    sq ft. / 120 = # of tons @ 2"
  3. paponte

    paponte LawnSite Silver Member
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    Looking at about 15yds. ;)
  4. EmeraldHills03

    EmeraldHills03 LawnSite Member
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    14 cubic yards for 1500 sq ft. @ 3". I would charge your customer for another 2 or 3 cubic yards extra incase you run out. (16 or 17c/y) You Don't want to find your self asking your costumer for more money because you under estimated. Doesn't look good.
  5. desertrat

    desertrat LawnSite Member
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    I work part-time for a decorative rock company,size of rock matters. 3/8 175sqft per ton
    5/8 150 per ton
    7/8 110 per ton all at a 2" depth. The depth used for most yards.
    For a driveway, 3"-4" is best. I use a 1/4 minus product that is 96% lime. The material is marbleized limestone. I would bring in 20-22 tons, a full truck. We spread the rock, wet and roll it with a sod roller. Because of the inherent lime content, it sets up very smooth and hard, almost like concrete. I get $27 a ton for the rock and $35 a ton for the install.

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