How much more is Cast?

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by tdf, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. tdf

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    I know each distributer is going to have a different price but how much more is Cast over Unique or Vista? Is it significant? The local distributer here is out of the lighting business so I can't get pricing. It seems like good equipment. I also like the fact that they have preprinted direct mail pieces to help get you started. Are we talking around $90 an uplight fixture or $150?

    Thanks, Thomas
  2. Pro-Scapes

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    I think retail on a cast bullet is like 99.90 or there abouts WITHOUT bulb or installation.

    As for contractor price I would email chuck link at southern outdoor lighting / florida outdoor lighting

    Im actually doing an installation with him tmrw on a soecial job for him.
  3. Mike & Lucia

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    As of the most recent price increase last month, it is substantially higher. I'm not sure what type of discount everyone gets from their suppliers, and I won't disclose contractor pricing on this forum for obvious reasons, but my discount (or mark up depending on how you look at it) puts the retail price at around $120. Of course that is without a lamp or installation, and in NJ, add on 6% sales tax.

    As much as I love the product, the new price is a tough nut to bust. Clients expect to pay more for specialty fixtures and path lights, but the when a job consists of 75% bullet lights, I need something tough AND affordable.

    Wire is through the roof also. The price for these metals combined with fuel gone crazy, is going to have a real impact... sooner or later.
  4. Pro-Scapes

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    I just noticed the increase in cast today. Good 20% jump as Mike stated.
    Wow wire just jumped 25% on me too... Wasnt there when I looked last week. This will most definatly have an impact on the industry. It will place some systems out of reach or reason for some clients or take a chunk out of my wallet.
  5. extlights

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    Copper prices are crazy right now. We decided to buy our wire in bulk this year to save some money. We're actually paying 1 cent a foot less this year by doing that than we did last year. I hate stocking too much, but considering we'll eventually use it all, it's worth doing it to save money.
  6. desert night light

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    from AZ
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    who did u buy your cable from?
  7. Mark B

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    Hey TDF were you buying the cast from hughes? If so David is going to be opening a new shop there is Raleigh here soon. Hughes has been bought out by HD supply and they are getting out of the irrigatioin and lighting business.
  8. tdf

    tdf LawnSite Member
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    Are you around Raleigh? I am just getting started in Lighting. What I am doing now is trying to figure out what brands I will use and figure out pricing etc... I also need to install a couple of systems. I am offering some of my existing customers the opportunity to get a system at cost. I am also doing two parade homes at cost in August. I have alot to learn before I will feel comfortable trying to profit from an installation. Do you use Cast? Cast seems like a good company. I like the fact that they have marketing materiel also.

  9. Mark B

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    I'm about 45 minutes from raleigh. Sorry for the delay of the reply but I had to go chase the fish at hatteras. Hughes suply is going to stop carrying irrigation and lighting stuff. But David is opening a new store within a few week.

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