How much mulch to use?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by kandklandscape, Jan 26, 2008.

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    4'x40' = 160sq ft
    160 sq ft x 148 islands = 23,680sq ft black mulch needed. Needs to be 1.5 in thick, does anyone know a mulch calculation or something? Im thinking 75-100 yards does that sound right?
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    Your welcome.
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    There is a little yellow bar on this site at the top of the screen that says free tools. Go there and use the mulch and soil calculator.
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    109.63 to be
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    Thats awesome tool right there! thanks so much! I was right around the right ball park.
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    Yes, your guess was "in the ball park" but would have been a strikeout if you had gone with it. You did the right thing in asking for help. If you had bid the job on your lowest guess, depending on the type of mulch of course you would have been off by around $2,300 based on prices where I am at. I don't know about the rest of you, but that is a lot of profit to give up for me.

    Keep asking the questions it will make the difference of whether you are here in a few years or not.
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    Ball Park?

    110 is almost 50% more material over 75 cuyds

    If you consider pricing labor and materials, $65 per yard is on the low side of what seems to be a standard range of rate for mulch installed.

    If you price it at $65 assuming 75 yards the price is $4,875. Mulch in my area runs about $30 a yard for just the material.

    If you stretched it out to make it work with 75 yards you would have netted $2,625 before paying labor.

    If they called you on it and made you get the rest of the mulch in there, it would cost you another $1050 leaving you netting $1,575 before paying labor.

    Had you priced it for 110 cuyds you would charge $7,150 and would net $3,850 before labor.

    The effect on your profit is much greater than the % you are off in measuring the material. In this case it could have meant that estimating the material correctly would have made almost 2.5x the amount of net befofe labor.

    That is not in the ball park.
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    Are schools teaching basic math anymore?????

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