How much mulch?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by redman2008, Jun 19, 2008.

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    A customer wants her beds re-mulched. The existing mulch is about 1 1/2 in thick. How many inches should I lay over the top of the old mulch? Also, what rate per yard spread should i be charging if the mulch cost 38 dollars a yard delivered?
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    Are you changing the color, or putting down the same color over the existing mulch?
    If changing, I usually try for 2-3 inches to cover up the old really good. If using the same color, generally can get by with 1-2 inches. You need to know your costs, how much do you need to make per hour, and how many hours will it take you. I get my mulch for $18.50/ yd. to my pile (tractor trailer loads), then haul it to the job myself and spread it. I start at $50/ yd. installed and go up from there depending if we can unload right into the bed, or have to wheel barrow it, hills, open bed or lots of little flowers to mulch around, etc. Do you have to edge the beds? All stuff to think about, add for everything, remember you dont get toppings for free on your pizza, charge accordingly.
    Hope it helps,
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    I charge $70 per yard, includes mulch, delivery, and istallation. I always clean the edges. If the edges are very poor i will up charge to dig out. I pay $18yd picked up. I haul 5 yds at a time. Takes me and 1 laborer 2 hours to prep, wheel barrow and rake out 1 load (5yds).

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