How much Mulch?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Green Acres, Mar 20, 2002.

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    I have a guy that wants to re-mulch his flower beds. He just wants to but some new on top of the old mulch. He has about 2200 sq. ft. of beds. How many cubic yards would I need to do this job at I figure about 1" depth? Also if he pays for the mulch how much should I charge to do a job like this? There are plants in the bed but there pretty well spaced about. Before I forget it's going to be a cypress mulch if that makes any difference. Any info would be great!!! Thanks
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    6.79 yards.

    Better figure 8 or 9 yards because it's tough to spead 1" without an occational bare spot.

    Price will depend on how many beds and their location to mulch pile/truck.
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    With us purchasing the mulch (only way i'd take the job, by the way)

    = 2200 sq.ft @ 2.0'' = approx: 12.0 yd. @ $55.00/yard installed
    TOTAL : $660.00

    @ 1.0'' = 7.0 yards
    TOTAL : $385.00

    client purchasing mulch =

    @ 2.0'' = ~$500.00
    @ 1.0'' = ~$300.00
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    I usually find the length, width, and Height of an area. Sometimes this is hard because there are curves but I adjust.
    My formula is

    If I have an area 10'x 10' and I want 2 inches of mulch, I multiply my feet by 12 to get inches, so



    divide both sides by 466566 and you get Y, yards of mulch it will take you to do the job at 2" depth.

    Now .62 yards, round up 3/4 or 1 yard.

    Now, 1yard deivered depending on the mulch may be $25
    Every yard I come up with I ad an hour of labor

    so $55.00 to spread 1 yard of mulch
    If it is really bad going or a bed full of plants you might adjust by adding 10% to your labor.

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